What will Apple announce at WWDC? iOS 12, MacBook, iPhone SE2 rumours

What will Apple announce at WWDC? iOS 12, MacBook, iPhone SE2 rumours

What will Apple announce at WWDC? iOS 12, MacBook, iPhone SE2 rumours

Chief among them: A new app called Measure that uses the iPhone's camera to calculate the approximate dimensions of whatever it sees. No more midnight peeking!

The event, which will open with a keynote from Apple chief executive Tim Cook, is also expected to feature a first look at new versions of software that power the Apple Watch, its Mac computer line and Apple TV.

A new app called Measure was also introduced, which lets users measure real-life objects with their smart device. Notifications can be grouped by app as well as topic and thread.

"In iOS 12, we're offering our users detailed information and tools to help them better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites, how often they pick up their iPhone or iPad during the day and how they receive notifications", said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering.

Many experts do not believe Apple will announce new hardware at this year's WWDC, but that hasn't stopped some industry watchers from speculating about the Californian company's plans.

Apple said its biggest focus was on reliability and speed, promising apps would load twice as fast in high-performance situations.

Earlier this year, investment firm Jana Partners and the California State Teachers' Retirement System, which collectively control roughly US$2-billion of Apple's shares, published a letter urging the smartphone giant to create new tools to protect children from the harmful effects of digital technology.

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It's a walkie-talkie now. Each message is preceded by a double beep, so you can live out your movie commando dreams.

Apple Books: iBooks is gone for a new Apple Books branding, a new store for books, and more.

Apple Watch has a new walkie talkie function. When your time is about up, you'll get an alert, and when the time is up, a new "Times Up" screen comes up. The new macOS version, Mojave, also gets iPhone apps such as Home, News, Stocks and Voice Memos. There is also an option for Downtime, which is a scheduled time where the iOS can not be used.

The developer preview of iOS 12 is available to Apple Developer Program members today.

Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal and the roll-out of strict new GDPR privacy laws in the European Union have finally managed to get consumers thinking about privacy. That means spring for Australians.

Screen Time, as well as Do Not Disturb and Notifications features, will be available this fall with the launch of iOS 12. However, Apple users typically upgrade to new software releases more quickly than Android users, exposing them to Apple's latest apps and services, which generate revenue for the iPhone maker as well as app developers.

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