Apple, Google Introducing Tools To Help Users Cut Down On Screen Time

Student developers arrive in full force for Apple’s WWDC		
	Lucas Matney

   	7 hours

Student developers arrive in full force for Apple’s WWDC Lucas Matney 7 hours

What else is new in iOS 12?

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced a new interface with their products.

"For iOS 12, we're doubling down on performance", Federighi said.

The new Screen Time feature is one of the most significant add-ons with iOS 12.

In iOS 12, the platform will be able to ramp up CPU frequency quickly when the device is in use, then back off immediately when the work is done.

Apple iOS 12 will be finalised and roll out to the masses this autumn. Users can come in and drop out of the call as they wish, though invitations will be made.

FaceTime has also been integrated into Messages, so a group message can be turned into a group FaceTime call. Members of the group can drop in and out of the conversation whenever they'd like.

Apple is also improving the Photos app in iOS 12. Then they could either tap the small red circle to close the app or swipe up on the app card to close it. Amazon, by contrast, was much more open to controlling apps with its Alexa assistant. Kayak, the travelling app, could be linked by just recording "Travel Plans" as a command.

More news: Apple's giving a new camera (and some tongue) to Messages and Memoji

Apple has unveiled a new version of the operating system which powers iPhones and iPads.

A redesigned Voice Memos application for the iPhone that's also coming to the iPad for the first time.

Apple executive Craig Federighi said the company aims to inform its users about what they are seeing. Pressing on a notification, you can tune how often you'll get them in the future from the app that sent it. Notifications are now grouped by type, app or topic.

"Now, if you do want to interact with [a plugin] or one of these apps tries to access this information, you get a [pop-up notice] and you can decide to keep your information private", Federighi said. For example, Walkie-Talkie will let you quickly communicate with Apple Watch-wearing friends and family using Wi-Fi and cellular.

Apple announced an improved Do Not Disturb feature, which includes a "Do not disturb during bedtime" setting, while users will also now be able to set time limits on individual apps. Why?

New Animoji characters, like a ghost and a dinosaur.

Animoji, the company's animated emoji which track a user's face, has been updated to include new animals, as well as the ability to detect if the person is sticking their tongue out.

Memoji will let you create an avatar based on your own looks. The process was described as "fun and easy" to produce. As of yet, however, the app won't give you a total volume for a three-dimensional object.

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