GOP talks on immigration focus on ‘bridge’ for Dreamers

Republican Senators are unsure of what to do between now and the November election so they're polling- themselves

Republican Senators are unsure of what to do between now and the November election so they're polling- themselves

That may be enough to stop the effort.

The embrace of free trade principles by major Republican donors comes as Trump pursues aggressive measures against trading partners from China to Canada and US allies in Europe, in line with his campaign pledge to pursue better trade deals. "I will not support any efforts that weaken his position".

"We're still not in a situation where there is an agreement", said Representative Mark Meadows after a almost two-hour meeting of Republican lawmakers in Ryan's office.

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In a statement on May 24, Corker said that President Trump "abusing the authorities granted to him in Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962" was part of "a risky course and should be abandoned immediately".

Corker, who is retiring at year's end, said Trump asked him Wednesday morning not to file the bill, but he declined during a lengthy conversation, The Washington Post reported.

Corker said Trump called him Tuesday to discuss the proposal, adding that he made no commitment to back off. "There has been historic obstruction by Senate Democrats, and there is a long to-do list, including important nominations and appropriations bills, that we hope they can get taken care of". "I intend to keep working with the president on those better options". Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican who has voted with Trump almost 92% of the time, said Congress should assert "its constitutional authorities on tariffs to ensure we don't undermine the significant economic progress we have made over the last 18 months". But, over time, the power has shifted to the White House.

"Making claims regarding national security to justify what is inherently an economic question not only harms the very people we all want to help and impairs relations with our allies but also could invite our competitors to retaliate", said Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), is pursuing legislation that would limit the ability of the US president to broadly use national defense to declare tariffs. But Faso's own sweet spot, he said, would likely be an immigration bill that meets Trump's four pillars and wins the support of 60-80 Democrats.

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Corker acknowledged the difficulty in passing legislation despite "tremendous concern" among lawmakers in both parties.

A bipartisan group of USA senators, led by Sen. "I still believe the president is using the tariffs as a bargaining chip", Kennedy said.

Congress has the authority in the Constitution to oversee trade.

U.S. House of Representatives Republicans on Wednesday worked to come up with legislation protecting "Dreamer" immigrants from deportation while meeting President Donald Trump's demands for tougher border security and possibly new limits on legal migration.

On May 31, in the name of national security, the president passed steel and aluminum tariffs that threaten trade with the US's closest allies.

Corker's legislation would require the president to submit to Congress any proposal to adjust imports in the interest of national security. It would affect not only future actions, but any taken within the last two years.

Backers of the bill include Republican Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and Mike Lee of Utah.

Trump gave no indication Wednesday he would soften his stance.

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