India in clean energy push: Narendra Modi

Garbage seen on the polluted banks of the Yamuna near the Mahal Agra Uttar Pradesh

Garbage seen on the polluted banks of the Yamuna near the Mahal Agra Uttar Pradesh

The rules have made it mandatory for brand owners to list the name of vendors supplying plastic material and to prepare a flow diagram of manufacturing process showing input and output in terms of products and waste generated. In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told the Senate on Tuesday in a speech that "we are not willing to sacrifice the environment and the plan for a blue economy for other ends".

Dowling said some businesses had already started taking action against single-use plastic.

Public support for action has grown in the United Kingdom after the BBC documentary showed "heartbreaking images of suffering marine animals", says The Daily Telegraph, and the government has announced plans to ban single-use plastic products such as straws and cotton buds. Such events play a pivotal role in enhancing importance of environment amongst the general populace.

Modi has also spoken out about the dangers of climate change and the need for measures to combat global warming.

The governor urged every member of the society to jointly begin to think about the way forward out of plastic pollution by acting in consonance with the relevant agencies to create a better society. Dumping garbage in the ocean is affecting aquatic life which will affect us in the future.

The environment ministry's focus during this year's event was on curbing single-use plastic that is used on a daily basis across the country.

Social Media Participation - Use your social media platforms on the day to stir conversation about World Environmental Day. "Together, we can chart a path to a cleaner, greener world", he said. "We want everyone to remember our message if you can't reuse it, refuse it and carry reusable shopping bags", Fiza concluded.

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However, he said, per capita plastic consumption in India is lower than that in many parts of the developed world.

While acknowledging that combating plastic waste is different for every country, the United Nations report suggested 10 universal steps that policymakers can follow, including use of more eco-friendly alternatives to plastics and the promotion of reusable products.

Within five years separating garbage at home in the interests of recycling will be a legal requirement, he added.

In-line with the global theme of "Beating Plastic Pollution", Hyundai's initiatives will focus on reducing the usage of plastics at its manufacturing plant in Sriperumbudur near Chennai and across all its 493 Hyundai Dealerships and 1309 Service Workshops. This is a threat not only to marine life such as coral reefs but also birds and animals.

Plastics contain a number of chemicals, many of which are toxic or disrupt hormones.

Following the launch of the "Plastic Bottle Free Initiative", the minister handed over tumblers to heads of departments and divisions to replace water bottles in the ministry.

"I also make a fervent appeal to school and college children to take up the leadership of the Beat Plastic Pollution movement".

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