IOS 12 Preview Reflects AR, AI Trends

IOS 12 Preview Reflects AR, AI Trends

IOS 12 Preview Reflects AR, AI Trends

There's always been this suspicion that Apple - and other gadget makers - purposefully slow down products over time so that you're forced to buy new ones.

As expected, Apple unveiled the latest version of iOS for mobile devices, with iOS 12 promising improved performance among a bunch of other new features.

Apple is adding four new apps to the Mac: Apple News, Voice Memos, Stocks, and a Home app for controlling smart devices.

With iOS 12, Apple is doing its best to curb smartphone addiction and give users more tools to quantify just how much time is spent on our iOS devices.

It also comes with new parental controls that let parents view how their child is spending their time in apps and set time limits. During the keynote, Lego presented an app that used a real Lego building set and turned it into an AR playground, where users could interact with characters and build virtual Lego sets on a table in front of them.

Meanwhile, the Screen Time app will deliver weekly activity summaries, while pointing out unhealthy app usage and phone behaviour.

Do you think tech firms are working hard enough to limit our screen time?

Thus, if you are also excited for the iOS 12release, the above dates are the ones when you will be able to use them.

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Today's launch means the TV iOS app now shows live news and sports apps, making it easier for Canadians to start watching live content, reports MobileSyrup.

Siri will also suggest that users turn off some notifications if the user hasn't opened the app in a while.

The new Photos suggestion feature, for example, prompts you with who it thinks is in your photo and then suggests that you share the photo with them over Messages.

"[It] is interesting because Apple is trying to sell you the screen and trying to minimize it", said Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News" chief business, technology and economic correspondent.

Apple says that iOS 12 is created to make everyday tasks on iPhone and iPad faster and more responsive with performance improvements across the system.

Research has shown that 92% of United States teens go online daily, and 24% admit they're online "almost constantly".

On the surface, the two companies are taking very similar approaches with the tools they're offering to present information to users.

Apple has responded to pressure from family groups, psychologists and even some of its own investors, that it should bear responsibility for how teens seem to be addicted to iPhones and iPads.

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