LeBron, Cavs looks to turn it around

LeBron, Cavs looks to turn it around

LeBron, Cavs looks to turn it around

Both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers seem steadfast in their resistance to a White House ceremony.

Kevin Love did manage to score 22, but there was no other support among the Cavs ranks and they fly back to OH knowing they need to make home advantage count in Game Three and Game Four.

Now Cleveland could be down to one final game with James, who recorded his 10th triple-double in the finals. They haven't been close to flawless away from Oracle Arena like they were in Kevin Durant's first postseason with the team.

In news that should probably surprise no one, neither the Cleveland Cavaliers nor the Golden State Warriors will accept invitations to visit the White House as this year's NBA Champions.

By the end of the night, all the TV folks could do was heap praise upon Durant, who scored a playoff career-high 43 points, to go along with 13 rebounds and seven assists. "We have an opportunity to protect home, as Golden State has done". At home the Cavaliers' role players have been the big difference - they have hit shots, particularly threes. And a year ago, the Warriors trailed by six with 3:09 left before storming back to win 118-113 in Game 3. "But we've got to come out and got to play 48 minutes".

"It's going to be a tough task", Green said of winning in Cleveland.

Curry said he was not shocked to see how the White House appearance issue has escalated since last September.

In his press conference after Game 2, Curry told reporters his brief run-in with Perkins was "much ado about nothing". They've learned the hard way.

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The Cavs did not really appreciate such questions.

James said people should not forget the championship season the Eagles had because of the situation with Trump. So, that's a no?

In Game 2, the Cavs constantly allowed Love to guard Curry even when it was clear that even on his best day, the big man has little to no chance of stopping the Warriors guard from leaving him flat-footed. "And if we can do that, guys can look in the mirror and live with themselves".

The evidence of that, though, would come in the game.

The Cavaliers are 8-1 at home in this year's playoffs, losing only in their first-round opener against Indiana. "They've proven they can win on someone else's floor and do it in any fashion, in any way". They have won two titles in which the guy who is the face of the franchise hasn't been at his best in the Finals. After the differing disasters for them in the first two games, Game 3 may just be the start of these finals. When all three are on, game over early. Pluto asked rhetorically. "Cavs coach Tyronn Lue certainly prefers to play that way".

James, though, kept the Cavaliers in it.

If the quantity of Curry's three-pointers weakened Cleveland, the sheer quality of those shots broke the Cavs' resistance as the two-time National Basketball Association champion appeared to be scoring at will, no matter who Cleveland chose to pair him with. He got to the basket, he got to the free-throw line, he found open teammates. He wasn't the holy terror of the opener, but he was still a handful.

But the problem for the Cavs is that he has to be a holy terror to give his team a fighting chance.

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