Olivia Munn on Anthony Bourdain's Death: 'My Heart is Broken'

Olivia Munn on Anthony Bourdain's Death: 'My Heart is Broken'

Olivia Munn on Anthony Bourdain's Death: 'My Heart is Broken'

A 2017 Kansas report on suicide prevention from the Governor's Behavioral Health Services Planning Council listed promoting funding opportunities for suicide prevention among its recommendations.

Camp Hill-area psychologist Pauline Wallin noted the celebrity suicides might cause a "bump" in suicides, because people who have been thinking about suicide are sometimes nudged into action by news of others taking their life. While non-firearm suicides were basically equivalent in both groups, firearm suicides were about four times more prevalent in the latter.

Suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and middle-aged adults are especially at risk. There is no single cause to point a finger at and blame as the reason for this final act.

"Suicide in this country really is a problem that is impacted by so many factors".

The Minnesota Health Department has increased efforts to identify at-risk communities to help reduce suicides.

Perhaps even more startling, in more than half of those suicide deaths, the people had no known mental health condition. Relationship problems, substance misuse, physical health problems and stress over jobs, money, legal issues or housing often contributed, the CDC said.

The report said people without known mental health problems were more likely to die by firearms than those with known mental health problems.

There is an interesting breakdown of each state included in the report. And, these states have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic.

Montana had the highest suicide rate of any state during 2014-16, at 29.2, nearly twice as much as Minnesota's.

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There were almost 45,000 suicides in 2016. Of the 25 states where the suicide rate increase by more than 30 percent, the most noticeable rises occurred in western states.

The new report also found that, among USA states and the District of Columbia, suicide rates varied fourfold in 2014-2016, from about 7 per 100,000 residents per year in Washington, D.C., to 29 per 100,000 residents per year in Montana.

"Suicide is more than a mental health issue", Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC, told reporters on Thursday.

"When you do a psychological autopsy and go and look carefully at medical records and talk to family members of the victims", he said, "90 percent will have evidence of a mental health condition".

Calls for better suicide-prevention efforts are mounting, after a federal study identified a sharp rise in suicide rates in the U.S. over the past two decades.

"We know generally that the springtime, early summer, times of transition are particularly challenging for individuals, and we do see higher rates of suicide during this time of year", James said. The media have an important role to play here; coverage should be respectful, not voyeuristic; at the same time, we should not shy away from writing about suicide, because that perpetuates stigma.

But in the end, Hinshaw said it would be better if "everyday" people could come out more and share their stories.

"There have been previous reports recently that have shown suicide is one of the major contributors to a decrease in life expectancy in this country, which makes it even more alarming", he said. I lost my own father to suicide when I was 19 years old. No one cares about me. Experts in the field have speculated the reported rate of 1 in every 400 physicians committing suicide is an underestimate, pointing to differing death classifications in known cases. The headlines and the number of details are devastating to read.

In 2015, for instance, more than half of the 15,702 men who took their lives had not previously been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

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