Twitter reacts to news of Anthony Bourdain’s death

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Twitter reacts to news of Anthony Bourdain’s death

As admirers of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade ask why following a hard week, a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows that suicide rates in 49 out of 50 states are on the rise. His death comes just days after iconic fashion designer Kate Spade took her own life. It was a shock to her fans and renewed discussions about mental health awareness.

She also notes that some western states have some of the highest rates of suicide historically, which could be related to the fact that they tend to be more rural. The next most common causes were hanging or other forms of strangulation, and poisoning, which includes deliberate drug overdoses.

"It's a tragedy for families and communities across the country", said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the agency's principal deputy director. The state has tried to tackle the problem with a website,, that targets men in this age group.

There were almost 45,000 suicides in 2016.

The report also states suicide rates went up more than 30% in half of the states since 1999. That rate is 32% for the state of Indiana.

"Too many Kansans are lost to suicide each year", KDADS Secretary Tim Keck said.

About 45,000 people committed suicide in the 2016.

In both countries, suicide prevention efforts are shifting toward meeting people's needs before they reach crisis. From 1999 to 2016, 49 states saw suicides increase by 5 percent or more, and 25 of those states saw increases of a staggering 30 percent or higher.

Wallin said guns don't cause suicides, but they can contribute. She has started a foundation in memory of her father called Jerry's Walk and she now serves as president of the board at the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation.

Three main areas of research are attempting to unravel suicide contagion: How does a suicide affect the person's peers or family?

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"What's also known about neighbor islands is the difficulty in accessing mental health care, as well as other types of medical care".

That means any public health effort to reduce suicides can't exclusively focus on those who have reached out for help.

The CDC report recommends such an approach, with involvement from government, public health, health care, employers, education, media and community organizations.

There were 44,965 suicide deaths in 2016, according to CDC data.

"You don't die by suicide as a result of a divorce or bullying or a job loss". She pointed out that the likelihood of suicide can actually be higher at the time a person seems to be "doing better". "You shouldn't. You're not going to prompt someone to do it by asking them", Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, told "CBS This Morning."

On one hand Brown said the series may have gotten some teens to speak out on suicide as an important issue and they may have shared experiences. "If someone mentions those sorts of things, dig a little bit deeper".

Then ask if there is a problem or if there's anything they want to talk about.

According to Saffo, who lives in New Mexico, she received text messages from her older brother, Earl Brosnahan, and explicitly stated to TooFab she felt threatened. It could be someone you are anxious about.

If you're anxious about how to start the conversation, Lieberman offered some suggestions.

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