World Oceans Day event aims to educate, reduce plastic waste

Plastic pollution like discarded bottles along the the Mediterranean coast have turned the sea into one of the world's worst affected bodies of water

World Oceans Day event aims to educate, reduce plastic waste

The EU has led the way in introducing legislation which restricts the use of non-biodegradable plastics, sets clear recycling targets, and encourages innovation at the design stage to transform the role plastics play in our everyday lives. How much more do you think has been added since then?

The theme this year is "Preventing Plastic Pollution and Encouraging Solutions for a healthy Ocean".

Approximately 30 percent of the waste is attributed to plastics, cardboards and glass.

The number of plastic bottle caps volunteers in the 2015 International Coastal Cleanup recovered in a single day. Divided into five oceans, namely the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean, the oceans make human life so much more handsome. That's a heck of a lot of plastic. The oceans of the planet are struggling with pollution today, and with continued warming of the oceans, the world sea level is likely to rise for centuries to come.

Millions of people are taking action for a better future and the elimination of single use plastics during the weeks around World Oceans Day on June 8.

Last year, Sir David Attenborough came into our living rooms (not literally, sadly) and shone a huge great, unmissable spotlight on the issue - over 14 million of us watched in the United Kingdom alone (that's more than Britain's Got Talent, which is my new yard stick).

“The primary direct threat to marine life is entanglement or ingestion.

Schmidt and his team found that the quantity of plastic per cubic metre of water was significantly higher in large rivers than in small ones. It literally starved to death. Separate to the patch discovered in the North Pacific in 1997, this one is estimated to be upward of a million square miles in size.

Designed for United's next season, the club's third kit will be worn on pitch for the first time during United's summer tour in the US. Together, we can make single-use plastic obsolete. In the last few years, we have witnessed many corporations realizing their social responsibility and initiating some innovative ways to address this problem, which is a really positive development.

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Reduce your plastic consumption.

What can you do to help?

We need to drastically reduce the amount of plastic being produced in the first place.

Carry your own travel mug.

Carry your own eating utensils. Right now, the majority of our drinking water comes from desalination plants that produce fresh potable water from the sea.

Pursue zero waste certification for its New York City headquarters by 2025. "I refuse plastic carry bags and straws".

Use eco-friendly shaving supplies. "On the issue of plastics, this is an issue that the United Kingdom has seen as a very key issue, as do others around the world". Although there is a federal ban on the use of microbeads in toothpaste and health products that rinse off, such as soaps and body wash, the ban does not extend to deodorants, makeup, lotions, or household cleaners.

Light your fire with matches.

Use cloth diapers instead of disposable.

Ladies, make your period waste-free.

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