DOOM Eternal announced at E3 with reveal trailer


DOOM Eternal announced at E3 with reveal trailer

Hugo Martin, creative director of Doom Eternal, and Marty Stratton, executive producer of Doom Eternal, to introduce the game. Until then details were limited to another event. In addition, the game will be set on what appears to be a hellish version of Earth, overrun by the armies of the underworld.

Bethesda at its E3 showcase on Sunday announced Doom Eternal, a direct sequel to the franchise's much-loved 2016 reboot. In addition to this, the studio claims that the Doomslayer you play as will be more powerful in this game as well. However, we did get a fiery teaser trailer, which showed a kind of a hellish version of Earth filled with monsters. The video shows us a awful hellscape that looks like it's actually Earth. 2016's Doom took place on Mars. I am willing to forgive this when it comes to a new Doom game, simply because knowing one exists makes my heart sing with a odd and violent joy. The first game launched in 1993and was followed up by two successful sequels throughout the next decade.

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Doom 2 is officially coming. DOOM is a great arena shooter and if done right, it could be another game added to the scene.

Doom Eternal will arrive for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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