Uber Applies For Patent That Will Identify Drunk Passengers

Uber might be working on AI tech that knows when you're drunk

Uber's future AI tech could shun absolute wreckheads

The application filed by Uber with the United States Patent and Trademark Office describes a system that would measure what it calls the "state" of customers using the app. Uber Technology Inc. said that it has applied for a patent that could accurately predict a "the state of the user" and alert the driver with that information. The technology also will take into account the location of the passenger, time of day and even the speed of his walk.

The ride-sharing giant has published a patent application to identify drunk passengers.

If you're too drunk to drive, well you may also be to drunk to get into an Uber. Once the algorithm is created for a user, the app will be able to detect unusual behaviour.

According to the site, there have been over 100 cases of abuse and assault by Uber drivers in the past four years - and in many of these cases, passengers were drunk.

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If there are no drivers with expertise in such matters available, the drunk passengers could be denied service.

The patent also says that the service Uber provides to the user could change, as a result.

In the patent, Uber wrote: "A travel coordination system identifies uncharacteristic user activity and may take an action to reduce undesired consequences of uncharacteristic user states".

Theoretically, knowing whether a passenger is intoxicated or exhausted would not result in the fare being denied, but would rather lead to the passenger being paired with a more experienced driver, Uber says. A particularly drunk rider is likely to be paired with drivers who are experienced and trained in handling people in inebriated state.

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