E3 2018: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gets New Trailers

E3 2018: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gets New Trailers

E3 2018: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gets New Trailers

Beyond Good & Evil protagonist Jade will feature in Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ubisoft today confirmed. The trailer was stuffed with quirky character moments, jaw-dropping space opera moments, and the first look at a very ferocious-looking young Jade, the lead character from the first game.

Gameplay was only a few brief showings, but they did go into a few more details about the game.

Some games surpass their developers' wildest imaginations. Their approach to community collaboration will be first of their kind, and will showcase the first bit of content created for the game at their own conference called BGFest this coming fall.

It keeps sounding like BG&E2 is moving toward a more open-ended design - how will it compare to the best sandbox games on PC?

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The trailer introduces a couple new characters including Uma, the crew's "holistic chief medic", and Hallum, who seems to be a Han Solo-esque character. Gordon-Levitt has since cleared things up on Twitter.

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That's not all though, as Ubisoft have also announced the Space Monkey programme that'll be partnered with Hit Record and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Yep, the original game, Beyond Good and Evil, has launched back in 2003 and it clearly took them a long time to muster the courage to even speak about the project.

The release date and platforms for Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be shared at a later date. There's a $50k profit pool that will be split amongst anybody who contributes to something that makes it into the final game, which could also expand.

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