The World Seems To Feel Safer After Trump-Kim Summit

Merkley Trump Kim summit a'colossal disappointment

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"The president said he brought it up, we don't know to what extent he did".

After all that, it's no wonder Think Progress is crediting Trump's exhaustion for the blatant admission that came in a press conference at the end of the weekend: Trump admitted that if he's wrong about the agreement with North Korea, he'll make excuses instead of being honest about the error. If Kim ever feared that Trump might order a preemptive military strike, those worries have subsided. "I'm glad it did", Rodman said Tuesday of the historic summit in Singapore". Mr Trump said he wanted to see United States troops withdraw from the South. -North Korea summit and President Trump's trade negotiation strategy in China. In extraordinarily condescending terms, it lays out how North Korea has a choice between a decadent, peaceful future full of speedboats or one where they starve to death. Instead of months or years of low-level talks culminating in a landmark accord, Trump agreed to a face-to-face meeting with Kim at the outset, before either side had even agreed on a broad definition of denuclearization.

The vice president commended Trump on his success thus far with North Korea, speaking of that country's participation in the Winter Olympics, the suspension of all ballistic missile testing and, recently, the release of three American hostages. Kim called the sit-down a "good prelude for peace" and Trump pledged that "working together we will get it taken care of". The agreement required Iran to curb its uranium enrichment in exchange for relief from global sanctions.

Trump added in his remarks on Tuesday that the deal "cannot be renegotiated in any way".

Kim, though, did get something valuable - a meeting with a sitting USA president (something his father and grandfather never accomplished, despite great efforts).

He said he would halt U.S. military exercises in South Korea, something widely seen as a concession.

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President Trump said that he had asked for the concession at the last minute but Kim Jong Un agreed to start the process immediately, "He agreed to that so quickly and so nice - it was really a very nice thing, and he understands it".

Donald Trump boasted about using his status as billionaire property mogul in his attempts to persuade Kim Jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons.

After meeting privately and with aides, Trump and Kim moved into the luncheon at a long flower-bedecked table.

"This was unfortunate but this is typical of the North Koreans".

But aspirations are flimsy material upon which to lean, and for now high hopes are all we have been left with.

In addressing an issue closer to home, Mr Trump said that USA college student Otto Warmbier did not die in vain days after he was released from North Korean custody in 2017, as his death helped initiate a process that led to the historic summit in Singapore. The anchor described the North Korean leader as a "brutal dictator" who "runs a police state" and labor camps. The neighbors, which fought together during the Korean War, had grown apart previous year after China backed United Nations sanctions crimping North Korea's energy imports and sources of foreign cash to pressure it to halt its nuclear and missile tests.

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