"Fortnite" Cross Platform Play With Nintendo Switch Blocked By Sony

     ANTICIPATED The Division 2 was among the games due to be released by Ubisoft

GETTY IMAGES ANTICIPATED The Division 2 was among the games due to be released by Ubisoft

But some came out of the event looking better than others.

It remains to be seen what measures Sony will take to potentially combat these issues, but we'll keep you up to speed on what happens next with the situation. The future of the PS4 looks very bright thanks to these studios.

PlayStation Now is Sony's game streaming service. Eurogamer reports that some gamers who played Paragon on the PS4 using an Epic account may also be locked out of Fortnite on the Switch for having dared to associate their Epic accounts with a PlayStation 4 at some point in their lives.

In response to the numerous players that have made their complaints heard about the lack of Fortnite account compatibility between PS4 and its competing consoles - in this case, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch - a Sony spokesperson issued an official statement to BBC on the matter of Fortnite cross-compatibility with other platforms. There is no such restriction on players moving between Xbox One and Switch, a fact that has stoked anger further.

Frustrations with Sony over the topic are bubbling all over social media.

Nintendo had a great presentation, too.

@NintendoUK wanna play some Fortnite later?

Consider: Sony knows that Nintendo has been the unquestioned king of handheld gaming for decades. Our goal is to be relevant and important to every gamer on the planet. I wrote about Forza Horizon 3's cross-play last summer, and to this day, I am thankful the capability exists - even if I haven't been playing the game with Xbox gamers lately.

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On the other hand, most of the bigger games coming to rival consoles have vague release dates.

"If you watch what we're doing on the Xbox consoles right now with variable refresh rate".

The PlayStation 4 is the strongest selling console of this generation by a large margin, but one industry watcher said that this did not make it immune to attack.

Nintendo gave fans a tangible reason to get excited: You can actually count the number of days until its games are out. Both Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony's competitors in the market, haven't created the same blockade and allow for cross-play between the consoles.

Don't worry about the first game either; Ubisoft has stressed on its Twitch channel that support for The Division will continue once the newer title has launched, and that gamers can still look forward to frequent updates for some time.

Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer was featured in a panel titled Gaming for Everyone at the E3 2018 Coliseum. Finally, they announced Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the next game in the legendary brawler series from Nintendo.

"We embrace working with a developer and enabling them to bring their vision to life", he said in a statement sent to IGN.

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