Sarah Sanders calls Trump's salute to North Korean general 'common courtesy'

Sarah Sanders calls Trump's salute to North Korean general 'common courtesy'

Sarah Sanders calls Trump's salute to North Korean general 'common courtesy'

They agreed to implement a 2004 agreement, in which the two sides' militaries vowed to work to prevent unexpected clash in the West Sea, a joint statement said.

But others are decidedly more critical, saying Trump wasted critical leverage against North Korea, which has yet to take material steps toward denuclearization. Hey, he's the head of a country.

The presidential official, who didn't want to be named, citing office rules, said an official announcement on the drills is "coming soon, within the next few days" and it seems nearly certain the exercises will be halted. "Don't let anyone think anything different", Trump continued.

The program also showed an awkward moment of Trump reaching out to shake the hand of a North Korean general, Minister of the People's Armed Forces No Kwang Chol, who instead saluted the American president. "I want my people to do the same", he said. "He's clearly executing people", Fox News' Bret Baier told Mr. Trump.

"At a certain point I look forward to taking them off and they will come off when we know we are down the road", he told a news conference after the summit. Admonishing the journalist, the president added, "You don't understand sarcasm".

Either way, the world has become a scary, scary place when our president has positive words to say about a dictator AND notes that he would like to emulate said dictator.

Kim Jong-un has entire Wikipedia pages listing the people he's personally had executed and "purged".


Mr Song said the two allies should be "flexible" about how much military pressure they put on the North, the ministry said, adding that the US and South Korea would hold further discussions soon. There are forced labor camps.

Sarah Sanders calls Trump's salute to North Korean general 'common courtesy'
Sarah Sanders calls Trump's salute to North Korean general 'common courtesy'

Throughout the summit preparations, US officials described the North Koreans as focused on ensuring they were not the junior partner in the talks.

Trump touted the broad agreement he reached with Kim and said the North Koreans already have begun returning the remains of USA soldiers missing during the Korean War.

Separately, South and North Korea have said they will completely restore their military communication lines. "Hey, when you take over a country, tough country, with tough people, and you take it over from your father, I don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have".

"Despite Trump's declarations about quick changes expected in North Korea's policy, the way to substantive change - if that ever comes - is still long and slow", the report warned. "There is only one channel on TV".

Many experts in Washington agree with the conclusion of a leaked Israeli government analysis that there were "substantive gaps" between United States goals going into the summit and the vague language of the statement. "North Korea is the only country in the world that executes people for making unauthorized global phone calls".

The report, which allegedly came from the Israeli foreign ministry, claims that the Trump administration backtracked on numerous demands it had initially insisted it would make ahead of the meeting. She asked him to do basically everything he didn't end up doing.

Trump talked up his achievements at this week's Singapore summit with Kim, which resulted in the signing of a historic agreement between the two leaders. "Hey, you are the worst".

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