Clippers Willing to Offer Tobias Harris, Pick for Kawhi Leonard

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Clippers Willing to Offer Tobias Harris, Pick for Kawhi Leonard

Where do you think Kawhi Leonard will be by the time the regular season begins?

Unless the Cleveland front office gets creative in an offer for Leonard, which must include the No. 8 overall pick, it's a hard task to pull off. James said last week.

With murmurs of a superteam being built in Los Angeles, with James hypothetically joining San Antonio wantaway Kawhi Leonard, and free agent Paul George; one, or both, of Ball and Brandon Ingram would need to be moved to make it work. And would a top-heavy team of James, George, Leonard, and little else really be enough to take down the deep and championship-laden Warriors? Part of the meeting would include discussions over the $219 million supermax extension the Spurs could offer Leonard this summer. Therefore, the Heat are not allowed to trade their 2019, 2020, or 2022 first-round pick because they already traded their 2018 and 2021 first-round selections to the Phoenix Suns in the trade that brought Dragic to Miami. L.A. has been rumored to be willing to ship out forward Tobias Harris, who plays the same position as Leonard.

The Celtics reportedly probed the Spurs about a possible trade for Leonard in February. The Clippers also have more to offer the Spurs than the Lakers do.

As for the Sixers, who have almost completed their rebuild, the possibility of Leonard leaving the Sixers in free agency would mean the Sixers have lost a top-ten pick and a pretty good forward for nothing. The team simply doesn't have the young pieces or assets to compete with the Lakers or Celtics on the trade market.

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If the Spurs feel that they can fix this relationship over time - or if they believe the offers will improve if they wait - it is certainly possible that they'll take this process slowly.

As one of the elite two-way players in the league, the Spurs will demand a significant package in return for their star.

Leonard will be sought after by teams that can offer the Spurs a much more appealing offer than the Cavs.

They have the No. 8 pick in this week's draft and would most likely also send Kevin Love or Tristan Thompson for Leonard.

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