Migrants Keep Crossing Southern U.S. Border, Undeterred by Risks

Even as Trump sought to use that furor as leverage for a demand for comprehensive immigration legislation (which is very clearly doomed in the Senate), pressure quickly mounted among Republicans in both chambers of Congress to do some sort of quick fix for the family separation issue-or better yet, for the administration to just stop taking children away from their parents for the moment. The sounds of crying children at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility begging for their parents picked up on a secretly-recorded audio tape were posted this week by ProPublica, creating a larger and more impassioned backlash to the policy.

Trump's policy does not seem to be diminishing his popularity among his supporters, including Jesse Bernal, a 38-year-old youth pastor in Morgan Hill who says the border crisis is being exaggerated by a liberal media.

Under the "zero-tolerance" crackdown that the Trump administration rolled out in May, all border crossers - including first-time offenders - are criminally charged and jailed.

'It is traumatic and cruel to separate children from their parents.

Speaking to small business owners on Tuesday, Trump signaled he was not open to a half-measure that protects families without delivering to Trump the rest of his immigration wish list. But the Bush and Obama administrations chose a third: Dealing with immigrants crossing the border with children largely as civil cases rather than criminal.

This policy requires adult migrants to be held in custody for prosecution, separated from their children who are allegedly kept in cages. "We have no wall".

"Everybody has recognized that this issue is a balancing act - that we, of course, have a responsibility to enforce the laws at the border".

"If you don't have Borders, you don't have a Country!".

GOP senators including Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Susan Collins of ME also said they've been discussing family separation legislation.

House Republicans, who rarely buck the president, realize this time he may have gone too far. It's not clear yet how the fight over the family separation policy will end differently.

So it has fallen to her to carry out Trump's most fiercely held objective: stopping illegal immigration.

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The administration has taken almost 2,000 children away from their parents over the span of six weeks. "She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart". "People are not going to caravan or otherwise stampede our border". The A-G said Christians must "obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the goal of order", a statement that horrified United States commentators.

Unaccompanied minors are also an issue for this administration, with the government confessing it had lost 1500 children placed in homes or foster families, prompting the viral hashtag #wherearethechildren?

The House of Representatives is preparing this week to vote on a moderate immigration bill.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in April that the administration would take a "zero tolerance" approach to illegal immigration, directing all USA attorneys who serve in districts along the United States' southern border with Mexico to criminally prosecute all cases of attempted illegal entry or illegal entry that are referred by DHS. They're considering several bills, but the strings attached, as always, will be what determines if they pass. Hard-liners and the Trump administration want to see what they can get on the president's other immigration priorities.

"Not only does he support the compromise bill, but he backs it all the way", Diaz-Balart said of Trump.

Republicans, particularly those in more moderate districts, are anxious they will be damaged by the searing images of children held in cages at border facilities, as well as by audio recordings of young children crying for their parents.

But Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer signalled no such support would be coming, saying it was already in Mr Trump's power to keep the families together.

The department has set up new facilities to manage the influx of children, and Wagner said they were prepared to expand as more children come into custody.

Ultimately, she condemned the separations.

House Oversight and Government Reform ranking member Elijah E. Cummings pleaded with Republicans to deliver a message to the president later Tuesday when they will huddle with him in the Capitol basement to talk immigration.

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