Today in Trump's Prison Camps for Children: White House Ignores Their Cries

Alex Esquivel-Hernandez was separated from his father, Martin Esquivel-Hernandez, who was deported in 2017.

"Therefore, we refrain from public comment on immigration and many other topics, including other policies that impact families".

But let's come up to the present time - With Attorney General Jeff Sessions deriding longtime USA immigration practices as "catch and release". (Data shows the opposite has occurred).

The House is to vote later this week on two bills that address broader immigration issues to protect young immigrant "Dreamers", who have been living in the USA illegally since childhood, from deportation and fund Trump's border wall. It's a bad policy decision that Trump made with the backing of folks like Brooks and Sessions.

President Donald Trump is meeting Republican lawmakers later to discuss a bill that proposes to end the policy.

In the letter, the attorneys general argue that the policy of separation is not in the best interest of the children who end up at the border.

Bost is the only member of the IL delegation to back Trump, the Belleville News-Democrat reported, comparing the separation at the border to what might happen if a parent "were caught shoplifting at a local store and you had children with you".

Many Congress members say he could simply reverse the administration's "zero tolerance" policy and keep families together.

Children could be separated from adults in the past if CPB agents suspected an adult wasn't really a child's parent - a proven problem - or was perhaps a smuggler or someone using the child to get out of detention faster.

Trump administration officials say they have no clear plan yet on how to reunite the thousands of children separated from their families at the border since the implementation of a zero-tolerance policy in which anyone caught entering the United States illegally is criminally prosecuted. The resolution has about 150 cosponsors, all of whom are Democrats.

"The U.S. will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility, it wont be", Mr. Trump said. Diane Feinstein of California.

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Why are families being separated at the border?

While not calling this policy a law promulgated by Democrats, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the new policy makes separations inevitable. This fulfilled Trump's campaign pledge to enforce the law at the border, even for the misdemeanor charge of illegal entry, and to end what is commonly called a "catch and release" process that all but ensures that illegal entrants will escape prosecution. Within 14 days, those who meet the legal standards will be granted asylum, and those who do not will be immediately returned to their home countries. Lamb has not cosponsored H.R. 927. His office didn't respond to request for comment on this story.

"We have a House that is getting ready to finalize an immigration package that they're going to brief me on later, and then I'm going to make changes to it", Trump said, without providing details about what he plans to change.

Former First Lady Laura Bush attacked the Trump administration's policy that has led to almost 2,000 immigrant children being separated from their parents.

Democrats kept a united front, seizing upon the issue to hammer Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress.

Since children can not be sent to the facilities where their parents are held, they are separated from them.

Democrats, religious leaders, charities and celebrities have condemned the action, and on Tuesday, Republicans echoed their calls to keep the families together.

Senate Republicans are also moving to block Trump's policy.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt said this could be "Trump's Katrina", referring to the Bush government's poor response to the 2005 hurricane. But, he also believes some of the reports about immigrants are exaggerated.

"One woman (said), 'What about me, what about me?'" Olivares said a few hours later.

"Those kids inside who have been separated from their parents are already being traumatized", said Democratic Sen. The difference is that during the Obama era, families were placed in detention together and released as early as possible. Numerous children separated from their families have been held in detention centers.

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