Trump Approves Suspension Order of Separating Families

On child separations Trump administration shows how to lie with numbers

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen speaks at a news briefing at the White House on Monday

US President Donald Trump said he will sign an executive order on immigration to end the separation of immigrant families at the US-Mexico border, which has sparked outrage in the United States and overseas.

Essentially, this means that after the 20-day mark, children may still be separated from their parents.

"We have to be very, very strong on the border".

Lost amid the furor over the Trump immigration policy that separated families and imprisoned asylum seekers is a much younger and smaller group of 30 to 60 migrant teenagers already caught up and often locked up in Oregon.

"We will keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough", he said.

"(Trump's) executive order seeks to replace one form of child abuse with another", Pelosi said. They were trying to persuade colleagues to seize the moment and tackle immigration problems by approving the bill, which includes $25 billion for Trump's border wall and a path to citizenship for young immigrants who have lived in the US illegally since childhood.

Obama's post comes the same day Trump reacted to national and worldwide outrage over the border policy by saying he'd be "signing something in a little while" that would resolve the concerns about the border policy.

What court orders is he talking about?

Family separations soared after the Justice Department's April announcement that all unlawful border crossings would be criminally prosecuted set in motion what officials described alternately as a predictable chain of unintended consequences, or a deliberate effort to pressure Congress to finally enact the president's immigration priorities. I'd invite them to come to the White House any time they want.

"Whenever they used to restrain me and put me in the chair, they would handcuff me", said a Honduran immigrant who was sent to the facility when he was 15 years old.

Die-hard supporters of Donald Trump say they remain steadfast despite an uproar over his "zero-tolerance" policy on illegal immigration that led to the separation of some children from families.

Some Democrats in Congress called for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign. Also, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and the heads of other agencies are ordered to find or construct facilities to house the detained families.

"This is a stopgap measure", said Gene Hamilton, counsel to the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

On Capitol Hill, staffers on the White House legislative team were meeting with congressional members to discuss the pending immigration bills when word of an executive order arrived.

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"President Trump has finally recognized his folly, but this humanitarian crisis should have never happened in the first place", she said.

While liberal critics have expressed frustration that she has not done more to temper her father's conservative agenda, Ivanka Trump has made clear that she sees limitations to her role.

The department later walked back that statement, saying the spokesman "misspoke" and that it would await further guidance on how to proceed.

In that program, children typically are connected with friends, relatives or other suitable volunteers to care for them, but in most cases, the children were alone when they entered the U.S. illegally.

"Reunification is always the ultimate goal", he said. The more than 2,000 children who already have been moved to the care of the Department of Health and Human Services won't be immediately reunited with family members.

Migrant families from Mexico, fleeing from violence, listen to officers of the US Customs and Border Protection before entering the United States to apply for asylum at Paso del Norte worldwide border crossing bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on June 20, 2018.

What's the reaction to the executive order?

By virtue of this policy, families who crossed together illegally would in some cases be separated, prompting a sweeping outcry from Democrats and immigration advocates.

"It's about keeping families together", Trump said at the White House as he signed the order.

Some on the right are equally dismayed.

Two South Texas military bases, less than an hour from each other, could be among the potential sites based on their proximity to the border and ability to house people.

For weeks, Trump had insisted he was bound by law to split the children from their parents and that only Congress could resolve the problem - before he radically shifted gears.

An estimated 5,00,000 illegal immigrant families and minors from Central America have been released into the United States since 2014 as the U.S. immigration authorities do not follow a policy of deporting such immigrants held for illegal entry.

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