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Pelosi GOP immigration bill is 'a compromise with the devil'

Greg Nash

With a tweet on Friday, he essentially killed off a monthslong effort by a dozen endangered Republican moderates, including Lance, to force a vote on immigration this summer.

The US House of Representatives on Thursday defeated a Republican bill created to significantly reduce visas for legal immigration and to temporarily protect illegal "Dreamer" youths from deportation, but not offer them a path to permanent legal residency.

The hard-right measure that failed Thursday did not include a path to citizenship for Dreamers, but would have also required immigration authorities to keep undocumented families together.

Will, who received a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1977 and now serves as a regular commentator for NBC and the Post, offered a scathing criticism of President Donald Trump and the GOP at large.

House conservatives said Thursday that both immigration bills up for votes later in the day are doomed to defeat, blaming party leaders for failing to put their effort behind enforcement-heavy legislation. That more conservative bill failed on a vote of 193 to 231 on Thursday, but its backers say they should be working to pass that rather than a more moderate measure.

According to his press release, Rep. Denham has been instrumental in negotiating the bill with Speaker Ryan and his colleagues over the past several weeks and authored language in the final bill to provide a 100 percent fix for family separations to stop the separation of families under the Administration's "zero tolerance" policy.

"If the charge against the parent is simply illegal entry into the United States, which is a misdemeanor, we think their children should be kept with them while they're waiting for that charge to be heard", Goodlatte said.

Amid the controversy over migrant family separations at the border, Karl Rove said Republicans need to move the conversation back to the economy in advance of November's midterm elections. The disagreement was over which version of a conservative immigration bill had made it to the House Rules Committee.

At some point, this Congress has to chisel the headstone and throw flowers on immigration reform's grave. He's frustrated with Congress and the media, particularly after the flop of the GOP's health care overhaul a year ago, which made him wary of fully embracing legislation before it passes. "Get so close - and nothing happens", said Sen. Democrats blame the president's fixation on a border wall and sweeping changes to legal immigration programmes.

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Democrats, in these districts, have pounced on even those Republicans who have done the most to champion moderate policies. He said then he wanted Congress to pass a more comprehensive immigration bill.

What is in the legislation?

But Senate Republicans have yet to coalesce around a single bill.

The second, more conservative bill that was rejected by the House on Thursday excluded the Dreamers clause.

The House Republican immigration overhaul is dangling precariously.

House Republicans joined some Democrats in their own private negotiations, with the tacit support of Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., fresh off his 2012 vice presidential nomination.

In a rare outburst on the House floor Conservative Republican congressman Mark Meadows slammed the compromise bill as "not ready for primetime".

But Republican leaders were considering adding two new provisions into the current legislation.

House Republicans largely shrugged off the President Trump's tweet from Friday morning questioning the goal of voting on immigration bills in the House, with conservative members even seeing a potential opening to push through their preferred bill.

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