Canadian killed in London terror attack: Trudeau

Canadian killed in London terror attack: Trudeau Seven people were killed after three male attackers drove a white Renault hire van into crowds on London Bridge before stabbing people near Borough Market. Trump told his 31.4 million Twitter followers. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump had been briefed on the situation by his national security team. [Articulo completo...]

'Manchester, we're strong' - benefit concert's message of defiance

Hometown hero Liam Gallagher joined the band to sing " Live Forever ", which he dedicated to victims of the attack. The attack killed 22 and wounded dozens. "So many of our friends are in this great city". "We feel a sense of responsibility to honour those lost, injured and affected", he wrote on Twitter. [Articulo completo...]

Duterte says casino attack was not work of IS

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack at Resorts World Manila but this has been debunked by investigators and by the man's own family members. Carlos' distraught mother, Teodora, wept and asked for forgiveness . "The message of what happened to my son is people should not get hooked on gambling so their families won't get destroyed", she said. [Articulo completo...]

Iran says Trump's climate pact withdrawal will isolate US

Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp, had advocated keeping the United States in the deal so it could keep a position at the worldwide bargaining table over how to address climate change. "The global community must compel the new U.S. administration to implement its worldwide commitments precisely and completely", Ghasemi said. Though Trump pledged to renegotiate the deal, he also hedged ... [Articulo completo...]

Spicer refers Russia investigation questions to Trump's outside attorney

On May 31, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed President Donald Trump's " covfefe " tweet heard around the world, stating quite simply that the president meant what he said (video below). During the same briefing, Spicer blasted the reports that alleged Kushner planned to establish a secret communications channel with the Kremlin. [Articulo completo...]

After London attack, Facebook says aims to be 'hostile environment' for terrorists

The assailants killed seven people and injured at least 48 in the space of about eight minutes on Saturday night before they were shot dead by police. "Londoners can rightly be proud of their emergency services today". London's mayor, Sadiq Khan , described the attacks as deliberate, cowardly and barbaric. [Articulo completo...]

Trump Impresses and Presses in Speech to Top Muslim Leaders

In the run-up to Trump's visit here, there was speculation about whether he would utter the phrase " radical Islamic terrorism " in his speech , the centerpiece of his Saudi trip. In a June 2016 posting on Facebook, Trump said , " Saudi Arabia and numerous countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays". [Articulo completo...]

India vows to 'go beyond' Paris accord, adding pressure on Trump

France and India have launched the Global Solar Alliance aimed at developing solar energy and making it accessible to everyone. 'We are both convinced our countries have much to do for ecological and environmental transition and for the fight against climate warming, ' he said. [Articulo completo...]

Denuncian irregularidades electorales en cascada

Denuncian irregularidades electorales en cascada Morena, con Delfina Gómez como su candidata, llegó a la jornada electoral como el mayor rival del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), que gobierna el Estado de México desde hace 88 años de manera ininterrumpida. Entre ellas, dijo, destaca la compra de votos, amenazas y acarreos. "Además, recibimos docenas de operación de casa amiga, de compra y coacción del voto", pronunció. [Articulo completo...]

Fatal crash after atempted intercept - Tarneit

Fatal crash after atempted intercept - Tarneit The driver took off at high speed before losing control and crashing into the childcare centre, causing the building to catch fire. The driver got out of the vehicle but only managed to get a short distance away from the blaze. "Two hours later, we would have maybe 20 or 30 people in the childcare centre at the time". An investigation into the incident has begun and detectives from the Major C... [Articulo completo...]

Policía difunde imágenes del atacante de Manchester

Policía difunde imágenes del atacante de Manchester Con su música estarán recordando a las 22 personas que murieron, siete de ellas menores de edad, así como a las 116 que resultaron heridas la noche del ataque. De acuerdo con el diario, el MI5 inició una investigación urgente justo después del ataque para determinar cómo se le pudo escapar el perfil peligroso del británico de origen libio de 22 años y planea efectuar otra pesquisa más exhausti... [Articulo completo...]

India 319-3 vs Pakistan in rain-hit Champions Trophy match

India 319-3 vs Pakistan in rain-hit Champions Trophy match India scored 319 for 3 in their rain-truncated 48 overs and then dismissed Pakistan to 164 off 33.4 overs as the latter chased revised Duckworth-Lewis total of 289 off 41 overs. New Zealand are also on their way to Wales, and a team spokesman said: "We have taken advice from the ICC and the assistance they have put in place from a security point of view - and we will continue to do that". [Articulo completo...]

Canadians in London urged to exercise caution in wake of terror attack

Canadians in London urged to exercise caution in wake of terror attack Her fourth point was to review the country's counter-terrorism strategy in the light of the changing threat. An attacker came up behind her and slashed her neck as she was having a drink after working at the restaurant where she was attacked. [Articulo completo...]

Russia says North Korea nukes are a 'direct threat'

Russia says North Korea nukes are a 'direct threat' Speaking at the dialogue, Asia's premier security forum, Mattis said the United States remained fully engaged with its partners. Before Friday's vote, the North Korean sanctions blacklist named 39 individuals and 42 entities and groups subject to sanctions. [Articulo completo...]

Gianluigi Buffon cannot explain Juve's second half Champions League final slump

Gianluigi Buffon cannot explain Juve's second half Champions League final slump Asked about his critics and a season in which he has occasionally been whistled by Madrid fans, Ronaldo said: "It's not a moment to speak about the fans, I spoke about this already. "Having said that, you know how things are". "I'm not going to confirm that I'm going to stay here all of my life that never exists", he added. "I'm happy, I'm incredibly satisfied". [Articulo completo...]

Inicia el PREP en el Estado de México

Inicia el PREP en el Estado de México El candidato de la coalición "Juntos por ti" (PAN-PRD-PT-PRS) expresó en su cuenta de twitter, expresó que a sido un día histórico para Nayarit; "Tenemos grandes resultados pero te pido de favor quedarnos en las casillas, debemos cuidar la dignidad de todos los nayaritas". [Articulo completo...]

Illegal Tiananmen Square liquor arrives in Hong Kong

Illegal Tiananmen Square liquor arrives in Hong Kong The space has instead been promised to a pro-Beijing organization, the Hong Kong Celebrations Association, that will hold a handover commemoration event in the park, local media reported. The organizers of vigil, which sees a huge park turn into a field of flickering candles, have called on people to come out in a show of defiance to Beijing as the central government plans a huge celebration on Ju... [Articulo completo...]

Estado Islámico se atribuye autoría de atentado en Londres

Según ha informado en un comunicado, entre los arrestados hay cinco hombres de entre 27 y 55 años (aunque este último fue posteriormente puesto en libertad) y siete mujeres de entre 19 y 60 años. Al término de una reunión extraordinaria de su comité de seguridad, la primera ministra británica , Theresa May, dijo que el país se enfrenta "a una nueva forma de amenaza" en las que los autores de lo... [Articulo completo...]

La Policía interroga a once sospechosos por el atentado en Manchester

La Policía interroga a once sospechosos por el atentado en Manchester La Policía investiga también la supuesta red que apoyó a Salman Abedi para perpetrar su ataque , que fue reivindicado por el grupo yihadista Estado Islámico . Las autoridades solicitan más información sobre sus últimos días de vida. La artista estadounidense, que tras los sucedido suspendió su gira " Dangerous Woman " -que incluía dos conciertos en el O2 Arena de Londres-, había prometido re... [Articulo completo...]

Philippine police say casino attacker was indebted gambler

Police and military forces are now battling hundreds of Maute gunmen in Marawi City through ground troops and airstrikes. People were jumping from third story windows to escape and the sound of gunfire could be heard on live videos being posted to social media. [Articulo completo...]

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