Presidential Election 2017: Ministers Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu Meet CPM's Sitaram Yechury

Presidential Election 2017: Ministers Rajnath Singh, Venkaiah Naidu Meet CPM's Sitaram Yechury Whenever they decide on the name, they will seek our cooperation and come back. Union Ministers Rajnath Singh and Venkaiah Naidu have met with senior L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi to discuss the candidate for the next President of India. [Articulo completo...]

Hallan extraña criatura marina de dos cabezas que deja perplejos a científicos

Hallan extraña criatura marina de dos cabezas que deja perplejos a científicos De inmediato, las imágenes se viralizaron entre el gremio hasta que una de ellas llegó al correo electrónico de Erwin Kompanje , un experto en mamíferos y curador del Museo Natural de Historia de Rotterdam . "Este caso se refiere al segundo conocido de hermanamiento y al primer caso de gemelos unidos en P. phocoena, el cuarto caso conocido de parapagus dicephalus ( dos cabezas y un cuerpo) e... [Articulo completo...]

No UK govt deal likely Wednesday due to London fire: DUP

The Conservatives and DUP are now still continuing talks in order to secure a deal, although reportedly only minor details remain to be ironed out. However, the prospect of a deal has prompted warnings that it could upset Northern Ireland's fragile peace. "But we do want to do so in the national interest to give stability to the government and that's why we will be entering these negotiation... [Articulo completo...]

¡Indignante! Drogó a su hijastro para chantajear al ex de su mujer

¡Indignante! Drogó a su hijastro para chantajear al ex de su mujer Tras la difusión del polémico video , el director del Departamento de Bienestar Social de Kedah , Md Noor Chik , precisó que investigarán lo antes posible aquel hecho . El pasado 30 de mayo, un paquistaní vestido con un burka violó y estranguló a Azan Majid Janjua, de 11 años, tras recogerlo en una mezquita de Abu Dabi, en Emiratos Árabes Unidos. [Articulo completo...]

Dolce and Gabbana's New $245 Shirt Trolls Melania Trump's HATERS

Dolce and Gabbana's New $245 Shirt Trolls Melania Trump's HATERS As seen in the below Twitter post from Dolce & Gabbana, the designers promoted their boycott shirts with big red hearts in the center. "The outspoken fashion designer's brand recently released a white T-shirt that says "#Boycott Dolce & Gabbana". [Articulo completo...]

USA intel urges 'caution' on Russia's claim to have killed ISIS leader

USA intel urges 'caution' on Russia's claim to have killed ISIS leader A senior Trump administration official noted "a number of infirmities" in the reports, which have given US officials reason to question their accuracy. In Iraq, the USA -backed government has been battling to recapture Mosul since October a year ago after driving the group out of most of the rest of the territory it had seized. [Articulo completo...]

Tillerson cancels trip to Mexico to work on Qatar crisis

Speaking from the White House Rose Garden, Trump said Qatar "has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level". But because of the Saudi-led coalition's tactics, the dispute has unnecessarily highlighted differences between the United States and this other group of allies. [Articulo completo...]

President Trump now under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, WAPO reports

And voila! Someone who wasn't a criminal goes to prison without forming any bad intent. The notes allege that Mr. Trump told Mr. Comey he "hoped" the FBI would go easy on former national security adviser Mike Flynn, a subject of the Russian Federation investigation. [Articulo completo...]

US Stockpile Keeps Oil Prices Down

US Stockpile Keeps Oil Prices Down Brent crude prices were at $48.32 US per barrel mid-morning Wednesday, down $1.80, or 3.6%. The Energy Information Administration ( EIA ) increased its United States output estimates with an increase in production to 9.3 million bpd expected for 2017 while the EIA also projected that 2017 output could reach 10 million bpd. [Articulo completo...]

Putin offers Comey asylum in Moscow

Putin offers Comey asylum in Moscow Putin said that Comey's release of records of his conversations with President Donald Trump equated to being an activist, like former USA intelligence contractor Edward Snowden , who lives in Russian Federation under asylum. "Trump was, in a sense, slapped in the face", Stone said, adding Brennan was calling Trump "essentially a Manchurian Candidate". Putin served two presidential terms in 2... [Articulo completo...]

Trump blasts report on possible obstruction of justice probe

Mr Mueller plans to interview other senior intelligence officials who were allegedly pressured to weaken the investigation, the Post reported . Trump later contradicted his own staff, saying on May 11 he had the Russian Federation issue in mind when he fired Comey. [Articulo completo...]

Trump Again Undermines His Own Legal Argument

He followed that tweet up with more posts to state that revisions to the travel ban are "watered down" and "politically correct ". The narrower order temporarily halts entry to the U.S. Trump's tweets came just days after Britain's third Islamist attack when three men ploughed their van into pedestrians on London Bridge last Saturday night before they made their way into the busy Borough Mar... [Articulo completo...]

Trump Being Investigated for Possible Obstruction of Justice

In a pivotal shift in the investigation that has riveted Americans like no other for decades, senior intelligence officials have agreed to be interviewed by investigators working for Mr Muller, according to The Washington Post . Trump took to his Twitter account Thursday morning to denounce the report. In Comey's appearance before the Senate Committee, he said it would be entirely up to Meull... [Articulo completo...]

Se registra persecución en Cancún

Se registra persecución en Cancún Un enfrentamiento a balazos y una persecución se dio en el centro de Cancún , con el reporte de varios lesionados. Por su lado, el diario Reforma difundió que la madrugada de este viernes también fueron encontradas tres personas descuartizadas en la zona hotelera. [Articulo completo...]

Argentina y Brasil crearon un equipo de investigación — Odebrecht

Argentina y Brasil crearon un equipo de investigación — Odebrecht El acuerdo que da lugar a la conformación del ECI señala como finalidad del mismo " generar avances en la investigación para lograr la responsabilidad penal y patrimonial correspondiente a hechos ilícitos cometidos en relación con la tramitación de la contratación, la adjudicación y la ejecución de las obras públicamente " conocidas como soterramiento del Ferrocarril Sarmiento, Plant... [Articulo completo...]

On Twitter, Trump decries obstruction probe related to 'phony' Russian Federation story

The president tweeted a complaint against Rod Rosenstein , who wrote a letter justifying Trump's decision to fire FBI director James Comey - which has now triggered an obstruction of justice investigation. At his testimony in front of Congress last week, Comey said he believed Trump fired him as a result of how he was handling the Russian Federation probe. [Articulo completo...]

Officer Who Fatally Shot Philando Castile Found Not Guilty

Officer Who Fatally Shot Philando Castile Found Not Guilty The video footage of the aftermath of the shooting taken by Castile's girlfriend, which went viral, had shaped many public perceptions of the fatal shooting before the trial. Five of the officer's seven shots struck Castile. " #PhilandoCastile ", she wrote. In connecting the very real and tragic death of Castile to the fictional yet tragic death of Poussey Washington, Taystee's best friend on ... [Articulo completo...]

Sancionan a 11 unidades de la Ruta 40 tras asesinato de menor

Las autoridades de Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl suspendieron el servicio de transporte público de la Ruta 40 . El funcionario mexiquense indicó que esa personas que conducía donde se encontró a Valería llevaba cuatro días manejando, "no es un chofer que tuviera tiempo manejando en la empresa, la cual tiene más de 20 años trabajando, es una empresa concesionada que cuenta con un parque vehicula... [Articulo completo...]

"I am cancelling Obama's one-sided deal with Cuba" - President Trump

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman says he's disappointed in Trumps changes and thinks they will hurt the Cuban people. The moves to be announced by Trump are only a partial reversal of Obama's policies, however. The new policy will take effect after the US Department of the Treasury and the US Department of Commerce issue new regulations, which could take "several months", according to the ... [Articulo completo...]

Rusia elimina al líder del Estado Islámico

Rusia elimina al líder del Estado Islámico El 16 de mayo de 2010, cuatro años después de la muerte de Al Zarqawi, líder de Al Qaeda en Irak , y un mes tras el asesinato del entonces dirigente de la filial de Al Qaeda en Irak , Abu Omar al Baghdadi , Abu Bakr dio su penúltimo paso de gigante convirtiéndose en el líder del grupo, que en octubre de 2006 se había rebautizado como el " Estado Islámico de Irak " (EII). [Articulo completo...]

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