Trump Predicts Quartet of GOP Critics Eventually Will Back Senate Health Bill

Five Republican senators have announced they will not support the bill , which is created to repeal and replace Obamacare , in its current form. For 2018, that would be $6,650 for individuals and $13,300 for families. Senate bill: People could contribute more to their accounts than under ACA . [Articulo completo...]

Florida senators react to health care bill

And Susan Collins of ME restated her opposition to blocking federal money for Planned Parenthood. "I am really urging leadership to take the time, get this right, get us the information so the American public can really evaluate this - and quite honestly, let's prove some of the rhetoric false", he said. [Articulo completo...]

Sen. Collins: Long-Awaited Health Bill is a Concern

Sen. Collins: Long-Awaited Health Bill is a Concern According to one GOP aide, Trump already made a call to Paul and asked him personally to support the Senate bill days before its release. It keeps much of Obamacare's private insurance market, though it ratchets down the financial assistance. [Articulo completo...]

Iran-made drone downed in Syria

Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said coalition aircraft would continue to conduct "operations throughout Syria , targeting ISIS forces and providing air support for Coalition partner forces on the ground", and that their operations would not be changed in light of the Russian threat. [Articulo completo...]

Senate Health Care Bill Could Be In Jeopardy As Conservatives Announce Opposition

Senate Health Care Bill Could Be In Jeopardy As Conservatives Announce Opposition Senate Republicans unveiled a draft version of their healthcare plan earlier Thursday. Whereas Senate Democrats held 25 days of debate on Obamacare, the Republicans have reportedly budgeted themselves about a week between the release of the bill's text and the vote on it. [Articulo completo...]

Republicans Are 4-0 Defending Seats, but Could Still Be in Trouble

Republicans Are 4-0 Defending Seats, but Could Still Be in Trouble Yet voters weren't persuaded to switch teams, just as in other recent special House races in South Carolina , Montana and Kansas' 4th District , where Ron Estes' 7-point margin of victory was seen as prosciutto-thin. On Twitter , we saw some instances of those on the left hitting the Democrats and Ossoff for essentially running against Trump rather than providing any real ideas. [Articulo completo...]

Handel's Victory Shows Limits of Trump Card

And it could be that Ossoff , a documentary filmmaker and former congressional staffer, didn't appeal to residents because even though he grew up in the district, he now lives in Atlanta - several miles outside the district. "It should be a wake-up call for Democrats ". Pelosi says the Democratic base is energized, adding, "We must now put forth our message". I think it's time for a new ge... [Articulo completo...]

Senate Healthcare Bill Makes Major Cuts to Medicaid

If the bill is signed into law, millions of low-income and working-class Americans stand to feel the effects most acutely. The Congressional Budget Office says that under the House bill , 23 million Americans would lose insurance by 2026 and Medicaid spending would be slashed by $834 billion over 10 years . [Articulo completo...]

Letter to the Editor: Activists right on Senate health care bill

Paul said the fundamental flaw of Obamacare is that it allows people to buy insurance after they're sick, and it subsidized premiums by "dumping a bunch of money in insurance companies". Heller, meanwhile, was skeptical Friday that Senate leadership was going to be able to provide the concessions he would need to support the bill. [Articulo completo...]

GOP's Heller won't back Senate health care bill

GOP's Heller won't back Senate health care bill Democrats are united in opposition. The host proceeded to discuss Donald Trump's campaign-style rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, where "he was about to repeat his infamous claim that he's done more in office than any president in history, although this time he caught himself, sort of". [Articulo completo...]

Democrats Search For Silver Lining After Narrowly Losing Georgia Election

The president was on the mind of Democrats gathering for their weekly conference meeting Wednesday morning - but frustrated members made it clear they would find their own way forward after the disappointing losses. Republicans have some breathing room after Karen Handel won a nationally watched congressional election in Georgia to avoid a major upset ahead of the 2018 midterm elections... [Articulo completo...]

Pres. Trump Congratulates Republicans for Special Election Wins

Pres. Trump Congratulates Republicans for Special Election Wins Kathleen Rice (D-Ny.) said on MSNBC Thursday. The election was held to fill the seat vacated by Mr Tom Price after he was appointed secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services. "We clearly need to have the right message and the right messengers to show the American people that we can help and that we have a vision, that we have a plan". [Articulo completo...]

Senate GOP unveils 'Obamacare' overhaul, but not all aboard

Democrats are uniformly against it, saying its true goal is cutting almost $1 trillion in taxes over the next decade, mostly for corporations and the richest families in America. The measure resembles legislation the House approved last month that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said would mean 23 million additional uninsured people within a decade and that recent polling shows is v... [Articulo completo...]

Meira Kumar is opposition candidate

The RJD chief made it clear that despite JD-U's decision to back Kovind, there was no threat to the Bihar government. RJD chief Lalu Prasad was reported to have told journalists after the Opposition meeting, " Nitish ji called me, said that it is his personal decision". [Articulo completo...]

Critics Of The Senate Health Bill Aren't Playing Fair

Senate Rand Paul (R-KY), who does not support the bill as it now stands, also appeared on the show and said he would like to "legalize affordable insurance", and ultimately have Medicaid patients go on "inexpensive" plans - likely private plans. [Articulo completo...]

Is Nancy Pelosi in Trouble?

Is Nancy Pelosi in Trouble? Democrats on Wednesday played down the outcome in what have been heavily Republican districts. The National Republican Congressional Committee said that internal data shows linking Pelosi to the Democratic candidate in Georgia helped the GOP win , according to Business Insider . [Articulo completo...]

Kovind files nomination for Presidential election

Kovind", Pradesh Congress spokesperson Tapas Dey said . He also said there was no threat to the Bihar government, a coalition of the JD-U, RJD and Congress. With Kovind also being a Dalit, this makes it a Dalit vs Dalit Presidential contest. Ram Nath Kovind's role as Bihar Governor has been admirable, he worked impartially. [Articulo completo...]

McConnell's focus: finding votes for Senate health care bill

Barack Obama , a Democrat, in his detailed response on the controversy over Obamacare and its replacement with Trumpcare or the Republican healthcare act, a central campaign promise of Donald Trump, looks to decimate the Republican noise on a bill that is expected to leave millions of Americans out of the USA government mandated healthcare protection. [Articulo completo...]

Obama: 'Fundamental Meanness At The Core' Of GOP Health Care Bills

Olson said the move shifts more risk to states and may prompt them to rethink who is eligible to receive care under Medicaid , putting coverage for low-income and elderly Wisconsinites at risk. "That's the broad outline of this plan ". -Repeal a tax penalty for people who do not get health insurance , saving them $38 billion over the next decade. [Articulo completo...]

Dozen frustrated Dems face steep challenge to unseat Pelosi

Dozen frustrated Dems face steep challenge to unseat Pelosi Entrenched career politician Nancy Pelosi is finally feeling the heat from an unlikely place - her own Party. It is true that Trump won't meet with Democrats, and that the Republican majorities in the House and Senate refuse Democrats in on the writing of the health care bill. [Articulo completo...]

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