Democrats secretly met to plan the ouster of top party leader

Democrats secretly met to plan the ouster of top party leader Still, the defeat was sure to prompt soul-searching in a party that is shut out of power in Washington and has steadily lost influence at the state level in recent years. "This race proved that Democrats have a real shot at taking back the House in 2018". Ironically, a Democrat came closer to an upset in Tuesday's other special election - one the national party hardly contested - in a rura... [Articulo completo...]

House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone'

House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone' Pelosi, 77, has led the House Democratic caucus for almost 15 years, from the minority into the majority and back again. So what does this mean for the Democratic Party? But guess what? It works, they're winning. She was elected to Congress in a special 1987 election. Whilst there may be Democrats in the House plotting to oust Pelosi, that doesn't mean there's any clear successor to her. [Articulo completo...]

Angry Democrats turn against leaders after House election losses

Overall, Wasserman found , Democrats outperformed the voting tendencies of their districts by 8 percentage points in this year's special elections, a good omen for 2018 even if they did not win a single one of the open seats. "I feel very confident about the support that I have in my caucus", Pelosi said at a press conference in the Capitol after Republicans featured her in nearly every ad... [Articulo completo...]

Special Elections Results Mean 'Republicans Are in Trouble — Vox Writer

Special Elections Results Mean 'Republicans Are in Trouble — Vox Writer In the aftermath of the Georgia election - which was the fourth Democratic special-election loss in as many contests since President Donald Trump's inauguration - some Democrats have said that the party is lacking competent leadership, also citing former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump past year. [Articulo completo...]

Renewed calls to oust Nancy Pelosi: Darcy cartoon

That might be enough to get through next year's midterm elections, though some savvy Democratic elected officials doubt it. Representative Kathleen Rice from NY claimed that she's been approached by an increasing number of members of the Democratic caucus, telling her that the party needs to move forward with new leadership and without Pelosi . [Articulo completo...]

Trump approves $2B sale of drones to India ahead of meeting

Sulabh founder Bindeshwar Pathak said the idea sprang to mind during a recent visit to the U.S. The White House would "roll out the red carpet" for Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he meets US President Donald Trump on Monday, a senior administration official in the US said on Friday, adding that Trump considers India to be an important partner when it comes to dealing with global cha... [Articulo completo...]

House special election losses leave Democrats divided, searching

House special election losses leave Democrats divided, searching Along with Archie Parnell's loss Tuesday night in a SC special House election, Democrats have now lost four straight specials this year where at least some within the party saw the chance for an upset. That's not a winner's mentality. "But her time has come and gone", Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.) said Thursday on MSNBC. "It's clear that tactic still works, still packs a punch, and it's part o... [Articulo completo...]

Indiana's ACA health insurance providers propose rate hikes

John Thune (R-SD), working on the health care bill. (For the first million you make, you get a tax cut the size of the median US income.) Most Democrats are alarmed, and some Republicans, especially governors in states that went with the Medicaid program, like Arizona, are concerned as well. [Articulo completo...]

Senate Republicans Work To Gather Votes To Pass Health Care Bill

The quartet said they want to deal with Senate leaders to resolve those issues. They have little margin for error, as NPR's Scott Horsley reports. The CBO had found that the House bill would kick 23 million Americans off their health plans, making it unpopular with the public. The bill also would maintain federal tax credits to help people afford health insurance , and those credits wou... [Articulo completo...]

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader They invested this amount because the party establishment thought they could peel off "reluctant Trump voters" and show they had a strong chance of flipping districts in the 2018 midterm election. Focusing on the major character defects of Trump and the politics he practices is not a winning strategy for recruiting "reluctant Trump voters". "We've let people say that Nancy Pelosi is some frigh... [Articulo completo...]

Georgia Elections: Republicans outwit Democrats again

Georgia Elections: Republicans outwit Democrats again Kathleen Rice , D-N.Y., on Friday. WASHINGTON (AP ) - Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is telling Democrats that next year could be the year they take back control of the House . "The issue I think strategically is that Trump energizes their base and Leader Pelosi energizes their base", said Rep. "They have a very lengthy process ahead of them", he said of the Senate . [Articulo completo...]

Democrats' real problem is that Nancy Pelosi is their true face

Democrats' real problem is that Nancy Pelosi is their true face She acknowledged the attacks but added: "I think I'm worth the trouble". GEOFF BENNETT, BYLINE: Democrats have racked up defeats in Kansas, Montana and, as of last night, SC and Georgia . "And I'm not sure that that's there yet". "But today I don't feel that way at all - I feel proud". The race for Georgia's 6th district was the most expensive House race in United States history. [Articulo completo...]

GOP senators now oppose health bill _ enough to sink it

The legislation would phase out federal funding for Medicaid expansion - now covering about 11 million people in 31 states - beginning in 2020, and shift more of those costs back to states. Hogan also focused on how GOP leaders on Capitol Hill had operated in drafting their measures. He pulled out the Senate Republican bill. And while Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have ... [Articulo completo...]

Nancy Pelosi: 'I'm worth the trouble.' Conservatives agree

Perez said the Democratic candidates in the SC and Kansas special elections also narrowed the gap before discussing the 2018 races to take back the House. The top three House Democrats are now Pelosi, who is 77; Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer, who is 78; and South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, who is 76. America needs better from the Democratic Party. [Articulo completo...]

Defiant Pelosi Says She's Staying: 'I Think I'm Worth The Trouble'

Handel's swearing in comes less than a week after her wider-than-expected victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff in a nationally-watched special election that was viewed as a referendum on President Donald Trump . But the group largely consisted of the same lawmakers who had tried, unsuccessfully, to topple Pelosi last November and have revived that effort this week. [Articulo completo...]

So far, Trump effect has led only to GOP victories

In her victory speech, Handel even gave "a special thanks to the president of United States of America" as the crowd went wild chanting Trump's name. The $25 million raised was not enough to reverse the luck of the Democrats , who suffered defeat in districts within Kansas, Montana and SC. Over 140,000 people , an extraordinarily high number for a special election in the area, voted early. [Articulo completo...]

Iran's Khamenei ordered missile strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria: Guards

They said hundreds of troops with dozens of armoured vehicles including tanks had surged into the Bir Qassab some 75 km (45 miles) southeast of Damascus towards the Badia region that skirts the borders with Jordan and Iraq in an assault that began on Tuesday. [Articulo completo...]

Local lawmakers weigh in on Senate GOP healthcare bill

Dean Heller and Susan Collins have also withheld support. Senate Republicans unveiled a draft version of their healthcare plan earlier Thursday. They say the GOP plan could leave hundreds of thousands of people in their states without coverage, including those dealing with chronic health problems. [Articulo completo...]

Nevada's Heller is fifth GOP senator to oppose health-care bill

This is a bill created to strip away healthcare benefits and protections from Americans who need it most , in order to give a tax break to the folks who need it least. Medical professionals, scientists, academics, insurers, and three-quarters of the public rallied against the bill. "Fewer people will qualify [for the tax credits]", Zwillich says . [Articulo completo...]

Group of Democrats meet behind closed doors to consider ousting Pelosi

Group of Democrats meet behind closed doors to consider ousting Pelosi Asked if Pelosi should remain the top House Democratic leader in the next Congress, her number two, Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, told reporters "I understand that she is intending to stay" and added "I don't think anybody is going to impeach her". [Articulo completo...]

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