Insurance group encouraged by GOP bill

D-Cleveland, who released a statement Thursday blasting the Senate version of a highly criticized version passed by House Republicans earlier this year. Under the Senate bill , the federal government would set a certain amount per person. You've talked about how the Affordable Care Act isn't ideal. [Articulo completo...]

GOP senators now oppose health bill - enough to sink it

GOP senators now oppose health bill - enough to sink it He said it only benefits millionaires. Last month, the House passed their version of the bill , which would strip health care from 24 million people , according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office . Section 202 of the bill contains a transitional schedule of tax credits that was meant to serve as a bridge between the old Obamacare system, ending in 2017, and the new Paul Rya... [Articulo completo...]

Senate Republicans release bill to cut Medicaid

Senate Republicans release bill to cut Medicaid Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said the new bill was " heartless ", warning it would eventually cut Medicaid even more steeply than the House legislation, which slashes it by $800 billion over a decade. "Because there are differences between the Senate and House bills , the House will either have to accept the Senate version or a conference committee will have to be formed in order t... [Articulo completo...]

Rep. Moulton calls for new Democratic leadership

That did not stop Trump from weighing in on Twitter, urging voters to support Handel before the election and celebrating her victory afterward. Around the same time House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was declaring she had broad support to remain the top Democratic leader and jabbing back at her critics, a group of her colleagues met privately to brainstorm on whether there was a way to f... [Articulo completo...]

One number puts the Democrat loss in Georgia in stunning perspective

One number puts the Democrat loss in Georgia in stunning perspective In a post on Twitter , President Donald Trump - who is unpopular outside of his base and a featured villain in Democratic campaign commercials - said , "I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out". Allies and grassroots supporters were sent suggested tweets Thursday that urged Democrats not to ditch Pelosi in the middle of a high-stakes legislative battle over the future of heal... [Articulo completo...]

Gillespie, Northam Win GOP and Democratic Primaries in Virginia Governor's Race

Gillespie, Northam Win GOP and Democratic Primaries in Virginia Governor's Race The certified winners of Tuesday's primary will go on to the general election on November 7, which will include Libertarian candidate Cliff Hyra. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination on Tuesday could say a lot about the direction of the party. [Articulo completo...]

FIFA Confederations Cup: Portugal and Mexico advance, hosts Russian Federation bow out

Moments later, Hector Moreno thought he had a third goal for Mexico - which would have seen them take the group lead over Portugal - but it was ruled out for offside following a video review. CRISTIANO RONALDO scored a penalty as Euro 2016 winners Portugal romped to the top of group A at the Confederations Cup in Russian Federation. [Articulo completo...]

Colorado to take $15 billion hit under Senate health care bill

Colorado to take $15 billion hit under Senate health care bill The group gathered to demonstrate their position that CT lives are "on the line" as Senate Republicans launched their plan in Washington for peeling back former President Barack Obama's health care law. - join Democratic senators in opposing the bill , it will be defeated. Republicans held 52 seats in the 100-member chamber, which means it can not afford losing more than three of its ... [Articulo completo...]

FIFA Confederations Cup: Portugal, Mexico through to semi-final

Our team is very confident and we're not thinking about tomorrow, we're thinking about today. When asked about the eight changes to the playing XI against New Zealand , Marquez said Colombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio had things under control. [Articulo completo...]

North Korea denies torturing US detainee Otto Warmbier

Warmbier's parents said their son had been in a coma for more than a year before he was medically evacauted from North Korea. He passed away at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Ohio, on Monday. The agency did not provide further details on how Mr Warmbier was treated under detention or what might have caused him to lapse into a coma. "If were to start to do that, I think that we wo... [Articulo completo...]

Should Nancy Pelosi Step Down?

Thus did Democrats sharply cut the Republicans' 2016 margins in Kansas and Montana districts earlier this year. "The House remains in play now". When it comes to her detractors, Pelosi said "my decision about how long I stay is not up to them". [Articulo completo...]

Republicans still love Nancy Pelosi - | Continuous News | Butte, Montana

Tim Ryan , D-Ohio, who was unsuccessful past year in trying to unseat Pelosi. By calling for her to step down, they are doing the Republican Party's bidding. "One thing I learned in the Marines is that you are responsible for everything you do or fail to do", Moulton said. Instead, Pelosi had to spend time defending her continued leadership of the Democratic caucus. [Articulo completo...]

Sen. Johnson: More time needed to evaluate health care bill

She said there's still a need for some sort of rule created to push healthy people to buy insurance, to replace Obamacare's individual mandate -which would be eliminated under the Senate proposal. States will be allowed to seek waivers from certain Obamacare requirements. Last but not the least, when it comes to employer affordability mandate, the Senate Bill wants large employers to pro... [Articulo completo...]

Fate uncertain for Republican health bill

Late Thursday, Trump tweeted, "I am very supportive of the Senate #HealthcareBill. Because of this, I can not support it as now drafted, and I do not believe it has the votes to pass the Senate". That includes phasing out extra money Obama's statute gives states that have expanded the program, a step Nevada has taken, adding 200,000 additional people. [Articulo completo...]

Compare the Senate, GOP health bills and 'Obamacare' on key issues

Under the Affordable Care Act, single taxpayers with incomes above $200,000 and couples making more than $250,000 annually have to pay an additional 0.9% Medicare payroll tax on the amount they earn above these thresholds. The federal-state program provides health care to the poor, disabled and many nursing home patients. At a time when there are more seniors than ever entering the Medicare pr... [Articulo completo...]

Fifth Republican Senator Comes Out Against Senate Health Care Bill

If the Republican proposal does not pass, what could and should be done to strengthen what's already there? Five GOP senators say the newly-released Senate health care plan is dead on arrival unless they see some major changes. Leonard Lance, a New Jersey Republican. McConnell has said he wants to have a vote on the proposed legislation next week, prior to Congress' July 4 recess. [Articulo completo...]

Serbia tops World Cup qualifying group after draw with Wales

Ramsey's 35th-minute Panenka penalty could not have come at a more apposite venue. Keep in mind we still have to go to Cardiff in the final fixtue. "But I had no doubt he'd score because he's playing with such confidence at the moment". But, of late, this is the kind of game we love. "His input tonight was vast". [Articulo completo...]

Senate health care bill includes deep cuts to Medicaid

Cheered on by the White House , Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is focusing on finding the votes he'll need to push the Republican plan for dismantling President Barack Obama's health care law through the Senate. They plan to rush it to a vote with no hearings for their fellow senators or the public. That's what I want. Sen. Dean Heller , R-Nev., said Friday he will not vote for th... [Articulo completo...]

New blow to GOP health bill: Nevada GOP Sen. Heller opposes

However, the four senators do appear open to negotiations and amendments that could turn their "no" to a "yes". "Because Obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class, and American families deserve better than its failing status quo". Senate GOP bill: Same as House. "These cuts are blood money". He said the Senate version is poised to drive down premiums for people in their 50s and 60s, f... [Articulo completo...]

On the Ground in the 6th: Scenes from Georgia's Election Night

On the Ground in the 6th: Scenes from Georgia's Election Night Tim Ryan (R-Ohio), who had challenged Pelosi last November. "I need to step back and do what's best for this party'". Indeed the string of special election wins, especially in Georgia , sent a powerful message to Republicans that they must be doing something right, even though Trump's approval ratings are low by historical standards and the GOP has yet to notch a single major legislative acc... [Articulo completo...]

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