Nevada Senator Opposes Healthcare Bill, Now The 5th Republican

Nevada Senator Opposes Healthcare Bill, Now The 5th Republican Sandoval's presence at Heller's side was significant, because the highly popular governor is one of the Republicans who led their states to accept Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act . If it passes, it would have to be reconciled with the House version before Trump could sign it into law. Other Republican lawmakers have also voiced reservations, casting doubt on the outcome. [Articulo completo...]

Pro-Trump Group's Attack Ads Put Pressure GOP Senator Opposing ObamaCare Overhaul

The proposal would impose long-term federal spending cuts on the program. Republican Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) said, "It keeps the preexisting condition, keeps the regulations, and then subsidizes the death spiral". The House's version of the bill, which passed that chamber in May , is a repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act . Obviously that means his vote could change once ... [Articulo completo...]

Trump looking forward to discussing strategic issues with 'true friend' Modi

The two leaders will hold talks tomorrow in the White House . A White House official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity said that the US seeks to treat India as a major defense partner, like other close allies. or if both countries should continue to expand their economic and defence partnership". The contentious H-1B visa would not be the highlight of discussion, the White House i... [Articulo completo...]

Microsoft isn't making a profit with their new Xbox One X console

Asked by BusinessIndier if Microsoft makes any money from Xbox One X hardware sales, Spencer said, "No". The original Xbox One and Ps4 struggles to hit 60fps while Xbox One promises to get at least 60fps/4K with all games. According to the U.S. technology firm the Xbox One X is the world's most powerful console with 40% more grunt than anything now on the market. [Articulo completo...]

Trump rides high after Republican election win

Trump rides high after Republican election win Representative Kathleen Rice , one of a handful of Democratic representatives publicly calling for new leadership, told the New York Times that Democrats should drop Pelosi because the right has vilified her - though their depiction is unjust. [Articulo completo...]

The GOP's Narrow Escape in Georgia

The GOP's Narrow Escape in Georgia It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party'. It's about all they can do. At this point a coup seems unlikely, though Vela said, "I think there was consensus within the room that there are other members within the caucus who feel just like we do". [Articulo completo...]

Congressional baseball game honors those wounded during shooting

Congressional baseball game honors those wounded during shooting A photo of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise , R-La., is seen on the video board as the last member of the Republican team announced before the Congressional baseball game, Thursday in Washington . Additionally, for those who won't be able to attend the game, game organizers created an online crowdfunding campaign on CrowdRise to raise money. [Articulo completo...]

What If Donald Trump Doesn't Sink the Republican Party?

When she won , when they said projected victor is Karen Handel, then they said "we switch to another program", right? Ryan ran for the position of House minority leader last fall but he fell short. It's not fair. It's not accurate in its attacks on our leader, but it's effective. "That's the win for us today". Democrats are reeling, said a typical one. [Articulo completo...]

US military shoots down Iranian-made drone in southern Syria

US military shoots down Iranian-made drone in southern Syria When it continued without diverting its course, it was shot down. "Dirty wings" is a military term used to describe a plane carrying armaments. Now Russia has again suspended this line of communication, and again threatened force against the US. [Articulo completo...]

Storm remnants move through area

Storm remnants move through area Already some flooding was reported on Alabama's Dauphin Island and flood control locks and gates were being closed along Louisiana's bayou-marbled coast. The storm's expected arrival in West Virginia comes on the anniversary of torrential rains last June that left 23 people dead in West Virginia. The downgrade put an end to the tropical storm watches and warnings that tens of millions of Ame... [Articulo completo...]

Faedo fabulous again, Florida beats TCU to go to CWS finals

Faedo fabulous again, Florida beats TCU to go to CWS finals That was Faedo's and TCU's night in a nutshell, as the righty struck out 11, walked four and allowed three hits in 7.1 shutout innings. "Nothing's come easy to this team", O'Sullivan said. Mike Rivera , Christian Hicks and Deacon Lipsut each had RBIs for Florida. Caleb Gilbert held No. 1 national seed Oregon State to two hits in 7 1/3 innings, Michael Papierski homered from both sides of the ... [Articulo completo...]

Here's What to Watch as the Senate Fights Over Healthcare Reform

Here's What to Watch as the Senate Fights Over Healthcare Reform Rand Paul , Wisconsin Sen. He said Democrats "are doing everything we can to fight this bill because it's so devastating for the middle class". Termed the " Better Care Reconciliation Act ", the Senate's answer to the House's efforts to repeal and replace the ACA was finally released Thursday morning after weeks of secret negotiations. [Articulo completo...]

US official makes brief appearance at G7 environment summit

This president is stupid and doesn't believe in science. "The transition to a low-carbon economy is on the march and it has an irreversible dynamic, including in the United States ", he said in comments that played on the name of Macron's "En Marche!" movement. [Articulo completo...]

Republican senator says Republican health care bill is too Republican

If the Republican plan isn't stopped over the next week, it won't be stopped at all. They said GOP characterizations of the law as failing are wrong and said the Republican plan would boot millions off coverage and leave others facing higher outof pocket costs. [Articulo completo...]

Supreme Court puts hold on redrawing WI districts

U.S. district maps for state and federal elections are drawn up every 10 years following a census. Critics of the practice suggest that independent commissions should be used to redraw district lines, not politicans who implicitly have a vested interest in the shape of certain districts. [Articulo completo...]

Confederations Cup: Germany, Chile move into semis

Confederations Cup: Germany, Chile move into semis Roldan went on to produce a red card for Siani and he had to be persuaded by Cameroon players to look at the footage again, after which he dismissed Mabouka instead. Indeed, FIFA President Gianni Infantino felt confident to proclaim video review was "the future of football" and still on track to be approved by the guardians of the game's laws before the 2018 World Cup. [Articulo completo...]

Iran's Revolutionary Guard strikes Syria for Tehran attacks

Iran's Revolutionary Guard strikes Syria for Tehran attacks It is likely that the strike was not only meant to hit ISIS but to send a message to Iran's adversaries, particularly the USA, whose air force is operating in Syria in support of a Kurdish-Arab alliance besieging the eastern city of Raqqa, and Saudi Arabia. [Articulo completo...]

Tell your senators to kill secret health care bill

As NPR's Danielle Kurtzleben reports , the BCRA is similar in many ways to the House's health care alternative, the American Health Care Act, that passed last month. While health care is still unfinished, Trump took pride on Friday in signing a bill to make it easier to fire workers at the much-criticized Department of Veterans Affairs. [Articulo completo...]

Apple's latest iOS update will render older iPhones, iPads obsolete

Apple's latest iOS update will render older iPhones, iPads obsolete Apple confirmed that the Apple Pay person to person feature will only work with the following devices; iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, iPad Pro , iPad 5th generation, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and Apple Watch . The new feature would send a prompt to nearby iOS devices on a given Wi-Fi network whenever a new one tries to connect. The " Do Not Disturb While Driving " will help ensure r... [Articulo completo...]

Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela: Pelosi 'doesn't help our candidates'

Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela: Pelosi 'doesn't help our candidates' Jon Ossoff , Democratic candidate for Georgia's 6th congressional district, talks to reporters during a stop at a campaign office in Chamblee, Ga. The moment of reflection comes after Republican Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in Georgia's closely watched House runoff, despite millions in out-of-state donations pouring into his campaign amid Democratic hopes that an Ossoff win would deliver... [Articulo completo...]

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