NBA Draft 2017 live chat recap

Teams are assigned picks largely based on their win record in the previous season. But, knowing that these players went in the first round gives me a sense of relief to why we struggled so much. Kentucky had three players taken in the first 14 picks: De'Aaron Fox (No. 5, to Sacramento); Malik Monk (11, to Charlotte); Bam Adebayo (14, to Miami). [Articulo completo...]

Republicans release draft health care bill

Republicans release draft health care bill Without massive taxpayer subsidies, millions of Americans will find their health insurance options curtailed or nonexistent. This is the best Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party can offer after having seven years to come up with an alternative to the Affordable Care Act? Four GOP conservatives - Sens. [Articulo completo...]

Dozens Stand with Schumer Against Senate's Health Care Bill

Dozens Stand with Schumer Against Senate's Health Care Bill The House bill had a continuous coverage rule, which let insurance companies raise prices on people who have lapses in their insurance coverage. During an appearance on MSNBC's MTP Daily , Sen. "Over time, it will hopefully go up less rapidly than it was otherwise going to go up, but sort of permanently expanding federal contributions in the Medicaid category are simply not a catastrophic cut... [Articulo completo...]

Will Nancy Pelosi survive this latest Dem disaster?

Will Nancy Pelosi survive this latest Dem disaster? In special elections for House seats vacated by Republicans who wound up in President Donald Trump's Cabinet, Democrats went 0-for-4 losing races in Georgia, Montana, South Carolina and Kansas. Target Book publisher Darry Sragow, a longtime Democratic strategist, and research director Rob Pyers warned in a recent op-ed piece that the seemingly vulnerable Republican incumbents Democrats h... [Articulo completo...]

Reactions range following US Senate health care bill announcement

Reactions range following US Senate health care bill announcement They also would repeal a penalty imposed on large employers that do not provide insurance to their workers, and remove the fine that Obamacare imposes on those who choose to go uninsured. That was a reference to other provisions of the Republican plan that would cut taxes by almost $1 trillion over the next decade, mostly for corporations and America's wealthiest families. [Articulo completo...]

Georgia Dems search for upsides in House loss

Georgia Dems search for upsides in House loss Trump said . People had been bad-mouthing the Republican candidate, Karen Handel , they had been insulting the Republican National Committee's competence and they had been dismissing any notion that Republicans could pull through to defeat the energized "resistance". [Articulo completo...]

Minnesota health care interests cool to Senate health bill

Look forward to making it really special! Trump has since called it " mean ", despite celebrating it at the Rose Garden with House Republicans . Millions of families will lose coverage entirely. The Senate bill would also convert Medicaid funding into a per-capita cap program and offer states the option to apply for funding as a block grant. The Senate legislation provides less money, however... [Articulo completo...]

How the Senate Health Bill Likely Differs From House Bill, Obamacare

Senate Republicans today finally released a discussion draft of their Obamacare repeal bill after weeks of secret internal negotiations. It does not keep our promises to the American people. It still must pass the Senate and be signed by Gov. Scott Walker before becoming law. Trump shares that view, and the Senate bill , if adopted, would move the president a great distance closer to being... [Articulo completo...]

No verdict Tuesday in Bill Cosby sexual assault case

Later in the afternoon, the jury also asked to hear a transcript of testimony from David Mason of Canada's Durham Regional Police, who had conducted the first police interview with Constand in January 2005. No stress. Maybe a psychologist would call it stress but there's no stress. That it couldn't have been assault if she had an orgasm . Outside the courthouse, Constand's lawyers blasted the... [Articulo completo...]

Tom Cruise convinced Courtney B. Vance to star in The Mummy

Tom Cruise convinced Courtney B. Vance to star in The Mummy Cruise and Crowe have been mates for well over 20 years and they've never worked together until now. When it came time for a scene in which Wallis has to put a parachute on, it all nearly went horribly wrong. "I want to be entertained". Who did Russell Crowe eat? "There's a bit of martial arts, there's a bit of boxing, there's some wire work, there's a couple of rugby moves". [Articulo completo...]

Murkowski reviewing Senate Republican health care bill

Democrats remain opposed to radical changes to the Affordable Care Act , though many have said the law needs subtle changes. To make up for lost federal money, SC would have to spend more state taxpayer money on Medicaid, restrict enrollment to cut the number of South Carolinians eligible for Medicaid or cut the number of services that Medicaid pays for. [Articulo completo...]

Senate GOP health bill: Tax cuts for rich

Senate GOP health bill: Tax cuts for rich Texas's other USA senator, John Cornyn, a member of McConnell's GOP leadership team, unsurprisingly said he was on board. Because Obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class, and American families deserve better than its failing status quo - they deserve better care. [Articulo completo...]

Barrasso: Republicans 'putting final touches' on health care bill

The measure represents his attempt to satisfy GOP moderates and conservatives who've complained about the measure. While a draft of the bill is expected to be released Thursday, Senate Republicans have yet to disclose concrete details about the bill's exact terms, including whether funding will be awarded to Planned Parenthood , a women's health organization that, in addition to other progr... [Articulo completo...]

Four Sit Atop a Crowded Leaderboard at US Open

Four Sit Atop a Crowded Leaderboard at US Open Justin Thomas managed to stand out in a U.S. Open where par is going out of style. American Chez Reavie also scored 65 on a day when Erin Hills failed for the most part to bare its fangs. On Thursday, a blimp crashed in flames and the pilot had to be pulled to safety before the airship's propane tanks exploded. Spectator dies: A 94-year-old man died while watching the tournament, th... [Articulo completo...]

West Nile virus found in Cabell County

Although no human cases were reported, the department is taking preventive measures such as applying larvicide to marshlands and other areas with standing water that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Still, residents should take this seriously, especially if they're pregnant. In addition to dressing appropriately for time spent outdoors and using insect repellent, residents also can avoid ... [Articulo completo...]

Giovani Dos Santos features in 2-1 MEX-NZL Confederations Cup match

Pepe says he expects a tough match, as Russian Federation bid for a second group win to reach the semi-finals. "It was intense, it was competitive", Hudson said. But the national team of New Zealand , as I said, at this tournament is considered an absolute outsider, while the team is not even considered potentially to leave the group. [Articulo completo...]

Draft Senate healthcare bill would link subsidies to income

Draft Senate healthcare bill would link subsidies to income The report notes that even the other senators who were not picked to rework and draft a bill that could greatly affect nearly a fifth (17.8 percent) of the country's economy-according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services numbers from 2015-still received on average $115,000 from the two industries. [Articulo completo...]

With the clock ticking, UK, EU play up chance of deal

With the clock ticking, UK, EU play up chance of deal This uncompromising stance is "not about punishment" or "revenge", but simply a effect of Britain's decision to exit, he said. "And the consequences are substantial". "I think the whole process will lead to a happy resolution which can be done with honor and profit to both sides". Meanwhile in Britain, Chancellor Philip Hammond seemed to steer clear of his colleagues' hard Brexit approach, hig... [Articulo completo...]

DeWine: Beware signs of elder abuse

DeWine: Beware signs of elder abuse Workman said it's crucial seniors not let their concerns be unheard and urged them to lay out how they wanted their affairs to be handled through power of attorney. World Health Organization defines elder abuse , which is still largely a taboo topic, as actions or lack of appropriate action which can cause harm or distress to an older person, occurring within any relationship where there is an ex... [Articulo completo...]

Champions Trophy: Sarfraz Ahmed wants cricket to return to Pakistan

Champions Trophy: Sarfraz Ahmed wants cricket to return to Pakistan Pakistan enhanced their long-held reputation as one of the most unpredictable teams in world sport with an extraordinary and overwhelming victory over bitter local rivals India in the Champions Trophy final on Sunday. "But you have to accept that the other team has outplayed you and they've shown better skill than you, they've shown better composure in pressure situations than you". [Articulo completo...]

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