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Prime Gaming: Amazon launches Prime Gaming in India as it refocuses its local business strategy

A month after Amazon announced plans to shut down its meal delivery service, the company has now debuted its Prime Gaming service in India.
Amazon Prime Gaming
Amazon Prime Gaming

It’s only been a month since Amazon announced plans to shut down its meal delivery service as a cost-cutting measure. The company has now debuted its Prime Gaming service in India. For current Amazon Prime and Video subscribers, Amazon Prime Gaming is a complimentary service. It offers games for mobile, PC, and Mac devices as well as free in-game purchases. New titles are also introduced each month.

Is Amazon Prime Gaming ideal for the Indian market?

Prime Gaming makes an Amazon Prime subscription, at just $18 per year in India, even more alluring. According to Rishi Alwani, a seasoned market analyst and communications manager,  it might have some “fascinating long-term impact” on Indian PC gaming.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is just one of the titles that Prime Gaming offers. However, not many people may have thought to pick up and play yet. Considering the in-game content for well-known games like Modern Warfare 2 and Apex Legends, Amazon India is turning to gaming to maintain its increasing Prime subscriber market share.

Prime Gaming is Amazon’s recent effort to capture India’s lucrative market

The most recent Amazon service to launch in India is the gaming platform, as the e-commerce titan looks to take a bigger chunk of the lucrative market there.

By 2027, the $2.6 billion Indian gaming sector is expected to almost double to $8.6 billion.

To appeal to India’s expanding internet population with live and interactive content from influencers and content creators, it introduced the Amazon Live streaming platform in September.

Amazon Pay launched last year in an effort to capture a piece of the growing digital payments market.

However, recently the company said it would liquidate a number of its current operations and lay off employees as part of a global cost-cutting initiative.

Along with shutting down other specialized delivery services like bulk deliveries to small businesses, Amazon discontinued its meal delivery service Amazon Food, which worked like Uber Eats. According to media reports, several upcoming launches, including the Amazon Academy learning platform, would also be postponed.

Amazon’s struggle in the Indian market

Amazon has had some levels of success in India. But it has had difficulty competing effectively with domestic rivals such as Reliance Industries, Tata Group, and Walmart-owned Flipkart. It has also encountered regulatory challenges from Indian authorities.

When it first announced the closures, Amazon India stated that it would concentrate on its core business categories.



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