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Personal bonds: Whatsapp’s “The Fireworks Within” campaign to celebrate 100 billion messages ahead of  New Year’s Eve

As the year comes to the end, people are celebrating and Whatsapp is ensuring that they connect with loved loves anywhere in the world.
WhatsApp is enabling personal bonds
WhatsApp is enabling personal bonds

Meta-owned chat app, WhatsApp, has unveiled an emotive promotion ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations to showcase the value of personal bonds and how the platform unites loved ones all over the world. On New Year’s Eve, WhatsApp consistently breaks records for the volume of text messages and phone calls as users use the platform to connect with those who matter most.

This year’s campaign uses a very moving 90″ film directed by Nicolai Fugulsig to highlight the value of interpersonal bonds. It depicts the “Fireworks Within,” which touches on how people feel during a private one-on-one or group call over the holidays. 

WhatsApp enables private conversations amidst celebrations regardless of distance

“The Fireworks Within” commercial shows a variety of people texting, making video calls, and leaving voicemails for friends and family. A doctor is wrapping up his shift, a woman is taking a foot bath rather than relaxing on the beach with friends, and a mother is unable to be with her daughter owing to job obligations.

In India, Brazil, and the UK, the campaign will continue until the end of the year. To make it more prominent, Ketchum created several shorter films for online ads and a content deal with LadBible.

The campaign, created by AMV BBDO, highlights WhatsApp’s special role in enabling private conversations amid the most widely observed cultural event of the year.

A reminder of the value of personal bonds

While many people like the festivities, loudness, staying up until midnight, and fireworks, for others, the emotional reset of the New Year is not about staying up until midnight or having another drink. It’s about coming closer together by engaging in private texts and calls to reconnect with the people that they love the most.

“We wanted to remind people that the greatest thing about the new year is truly our connection with one another,” Andre Sallowicz, creative partner at AMV BBDO said. It’s not the external fireworks, but the interior ones that really count. And such often occur as soon as we get a touching message or call from a loved one, no matter how far away they are.



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