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Most convenient selfie: Google debuts its first-ever 3D anamorphic billboard to promote Samsung Z Flip 4

Google has partnered with Ludacris to promote the Samsung Z flip 4 while teaching onlookers how to take the most convenient selfie on its first-ever 3D anamorphic billboard at the New York Square Times Tower.

Most convenient selfieGoogle has debuted its first-ever 3D anamorphic billboard in Times Square, New York. Visitors to the town can now learn how to take their most convenient selfie using the new Samsung Z Flip 4 by following along with rapper Ludacris’ animated avatar. 

In the ad, the animated Ludacris shows the hands-free capabilities of the foldable Samsung Z Flip 4’s Google Assistant. The phone offers the easiest and most convenient selfie solution ever.


The Future Is Unfolding” campaign is continued with the digital OOH activation, which highlights the extraordinary capabilities of the foldable phone.


In the advertisement, Ludacris’ 3D avatar shows how to prevent the all-too-common “selfie-fail” by asking Google to take their selfies.


Partnership marketing to deliver the most convenient selfie


The 3D anamorphic billboard in Times Square featuring the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Google Assistant, and YouTube Music with the help of Ludacris is part of Google and Samsung’s ongoing partnership marketing push.


This ad campaign provides Google with the ideal chance to display its first 3D anamorphic billboard in the middle of Times Square. For Ludacris, it’s an opportunity to see his passionate character capture the attention of onlookers going about their daily routines.


Samsung might benefit the most from Google and Ludacris’ promotion of its newest product. The Google Assistant’s hands-free capabilities, which include the ability to take the most convenient selfies yet, are demonstrated by the activation on the foldable Samsung Z Flip 4 device.



The 3D ad for the best selfie

The content on a 3D anamorphic billboard can seem to be jumping out at you. That is what Google has used to continue the ad campaign.

In particular, the Flip 4 is in its “Flex mode” 90-degree upright position. The avatar of the dog on Ludacris’ “Word of Mouf” album features in the advertisement. The dog tries and fails to take a selfie using a normal phone that is standing at an angle. That’s not the first time Samsung has highlighted a pet’s physical prowess.


“Hey Google, play Stand Up by Ludacris,” the musician then requests as he enters the scene, a command that causes YouTube Music to launch.   After the next command, “take a selfie,” we then witness the phone taking some hands-free selfies. The ad demonstrates the 3D capabilities of the billboard in the demos that follow.

Designed in collaboration with Universal Music Group and design firm CEKAI, the advertisement is particularly eye-catching. The 3D billboard is located on the sidewalls of the New York Marriott Marquis, on Broadway between 40th and 45th Street.


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