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Volkswagen has brought back the famous Dutch daredevil grandmother from 2010

Volkswagen has brought back its renowned 2010 Dutch ad, which tells the tale of an elderly daredevil selling her Golf car


Volkswagen 2022 ad
Volkswagen 2022 ad

Volkswagen has brought back its renowned 2010 Dutch ad, which tells the tale of an elderly daredevil selling her Golf. This time, for the electric vehicle age.

The Volkswagen automaker’s most well-known advertising campaign to date is “Buying a Volkswagen from an Old Lady.” In the original commercial, a timid elderly woman tries to sell her Golf, which is then quality-tested by possible purchasers. As they examine the car, viewers are treated to flashbacks of the elderly woman racing her Golf. 

It is funny to observe the “seasoned” father assisting his son in purchasing the Volkswagen hatchback that appears to be in pristine shape. He frequently makes signals to imply how little such a grandmother probably drove her car. In other words, it has to be virtually new. That is a typical misunderstanding among many people trying to purchase used vehicles.

The tagline for the 2010 advertisement read, “Not every old lady is trustworthy, but fortunately, every Golf is.”

Volkswagen is bringing back the energy in 2022

The drama continues in the most recent episode, “Bring Back the Energy,” after the elderly woman sells her Golf. You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone. That’s her experience after separating from her beloved car. Everything in her life starts to make her feel depressed bringing back her happy memories with the Volkswagen.

She expresses her desire to be reunited with the Volkswagen car by visiting a showroom. The ad shows her inspecting a brand-new electric ID.4 GTX and showing excitement about being invited for a test drive. The all-electric GTX driving experience was ultimately the only thing she needed to revive her vitality.

The goal of the ad was to demonstrate how much harm a Golf could withstand and still maintain its flawless appearance. This expert campaign was released in Germany in December 2022 and was developed by the advertising agency DDB for the Volkswagen brand.





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